Heidi Montag Gets Comfortable

When “The Hills” is no longer on the air (2045), Heidi definitely has her next career all lined up. A surfer you ask? Nope, but her on all fours with a guy about 10 inches from her ass and a camera crew around her…you do the math. Is it just me or are there only pictures of Heidi and Steve Sanders taken while at the beach? We get it Heidi, you have awkwardly big and new boobs and a nose that kinda looked better before the nose job.

Oh, and Lauren and Heidi still want to beat the bag out of each other. Supposedly when shooting promo pics for season three of The Hills, they had to photoshop Heidi into the pictures because Lauren and Heidi wouldn’t even be in the same room as each other. Uh, isn’t there a war going on? Ok, sure that’s the standard thought, but what I mean by that is that Heidi should go and fight in the war. I bet she could annoy Saddam out of hiding. Wait, is he still alive? I’m lost. To sum up, Heidi is retarded. Good day.
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