Britney Spears’ Untouched Photos are No Match for Heidi Montag’s Untouched Photos


It must be opposites day here on planet earth because for some reason, Britney Spears is the sane voice of reason and has decided to release the untouched, unedited, un-photoshopped, un-airbrushed photos from her Candies photo-shoot so that young girls can have a better body image and show them that what they see on the covers of magazines is not real and not attainable.  Wow, that’s a turn around for Britney.  Good for her.

However, Heidi Montag is not one to be outdone by a fellow “pop star” and I have exclusive photos of Heidi Montag “before and after” from a recent photo-shoot in Las Vegas.  I guess most shocking was that I didn’t know she was originally a red head.


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