The 12 Days of a Harriet Carter Christmas!

Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday! Ole! Over the next 12 days IBBB will be doing a little something different with Harriet Carter. So enjoy the 12 Days of a Harriet Carter Christmas. Sing along if you know the words and be sure to check every day for a new and wondrous Harriet Carter white-trash product.

On the 1st day of Christmas my white-trash love gave to me, a Failure Model Chick in a pear tree.

On the 2nd day of Christmas my white-trash love gave to me, 2 pussy tickelers…and a Failure Model Chick in a pear treeeee!

2nd Day of Christmas – Finally! Pussy ticklers that come in a variety of colors! Perfect for every season, but special for this holiday season you can now tickle your pussy in the privacy of your own home! In fact, you can even star in your very own pussy tickling obstacle course! Tickle it whilst walking into the living room. Tickle is again whilst trucking into the kitchen. When you really think about it, with 2 color options there shouldn’t be a room in your house that your pussy can’t play, run, and be free. Please, though, make sure your pussy is extra careful because if one of those feathers rubs it the wrong way…Ahhhh….Ahhhh…..Ahhh Choo! Although, if you’ve never seen your pussy sneeze you really are missing out. I actually saw one burp before whilst coughing and yawning. What a sight to behold. This pussy cat in the picture needs to take the Christmas stick out of its ass because it looks pissed off. Oh sorry we’re bothering you by taking your picture. Sorry to invade your privacy. You can go back to sleeping and licking your crotch when we’re done. Anyway, be sure to surprise Grandma this Christmas with her very own pussy tickler. Please note, no actual pussies were hurt in the making of this blog post.
…..and a Failure Model Chick in a Pear Treeeeeeeee!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the 3rd Day of a Harriet Carter Christmas. My gift to you. No returns, exchanges, or credits allowed.

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