“Pajama Jeans” Because You’re Not Getting Hired in an Actual Office Anyway!


Who’s going to fix the economy and add jobs to your city?  Who cares!  Introducing “Pajama Jeans” for when you’re just about ready to call it quits in life (pre-dirt nap).  Pajama Jeans are a mix of pajamas and wait for it….wait for it…wait for it…jeans or “dungarees” for those of you still using dial-up AOL right now.

Pajama Jeans can, apparently, be worn to bed, on an airplane, while pushing your screaming kid, and out for a night on the white trash town!  They even fit almost all body shapes from fat ass to flat ass.  And, ladies, don’t forget that Pajama Jeans are the only true pair of jeans that can really show off the cameltoe.  Ole!

And, if you act now you’ll even get a plain grey crewneck t-shirt, you know, just in case you land a big interview and need something to wear with the pants.  Personally I love how the women in the video are wearing their Pajama Jeans with a pair of high heels.  Ohhh la la have these been imported from France?  Why do I have a feeling if you wear these you’re also the type of person whose curtains flap in the wind outside of your home apartment window?

So remember, everyone, when you’ve basically completely given up on yourself, have had endless tea-parties with your cats Mr Meowenstein and Mrs Solar-Plexus, have run out of your 12-pack of Zima and Chambord, and got rejected from the latest season of Hoarders, then slip on some comfy Pajama Jeans and, well, just wait for sweet baby Jesus and his teen mom, Mary, take you into “the Heaven.”

*Kool-Aid mustache sold separately

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