Mary Kate Olsen: Too Weak to Stand

Poor Mary Kate Olsen. And I mean “poor” in every sense of the word. Not only does she look she look “poor” as in homeless, but she also has some poor posture. See what happens when you don’t eat meat….or any morsel of food for that matter? At what point to do you look in the mirror and think that looks good. No wonder Papooli died!? He did it to get the hell away from you Michelle…er…I mean Mary Kate. Wait, where the hell am I?

Luckily for Mary Kate, Harriet Carter has a nice and helpful back brace that can correct your nasty posture. Don’t worry, it’s safe. It looks like it using bolts of lightning to force you to stand up straight. Just look at the before and after! It’s a miracle!

Back to the issue at hand. Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, and Michelle Tanner were at the Dolce and Gabbana charity event just the other night. Were they the charity or where they helping the charity?

As a side note, Full House: Season Five just recently went on sale, so if you feel like watching it 7 times a day on Nickelodean isn’t enough for you, just buy the complete season.
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