Harriet Carter Product of the Week: Because You Love Christmas Pageantry


What better way to kick off the holiday season than for IBBB to pick his (insert Oprah voice) favoooorrrriiiite thiiiiiing!  It beats picking my nose, I suppose.  This week the Haute Couture designers at the House of Harriet have given you your best option on how to really impress your family and friends in the rusted out trailer you’ll be having dinner in this Christmas.   And by “dinner” I of course mean “cheese curls and a luke-warm cup of Sanka.”

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First off, nothing says class quite like wearing a sweatshirt to “Christmas supper.”  And then when it’s embroidered with basically any design you might as well just tell people that you couldn’t take pride in anything you do at all.   Just look at this, what I can only assume is highly flammable, sweatshirt.  You see, it’s a Christmas tree design but made out of holly.  Ooo la la it’s just like what they were wearing on the runway this season!  Lucky you!  Personally, I like how the tree isn’t even centered on the sweatshirt, like, at all.  I hear that most kids in Chinese sweatshops have shaky hands due to the excessive heat, so I can’t really fault them for that.  I mean, the fact that they’ve put extra energy into the holly leaf on the dickie collar just goes to show how proactive they can be!

As if it can’t get any better, please note the actual customer reviews below.  Clearly when you provide product to the “stylish” customer who is tired of the ho-hum red and green color scheme of Christmas, you really are a rock star.  And bravo to the second woman who wants everyone to know that “the picture does not do it justice.”  I mean, really?  I’m pretty sure it can’t get better than that picture so I’m calling holiday shenanigans on reviewer #2.  Either way, the biggest takeaway is that this get-up was rated 5 out of 5 stars.  Sadly its challenger, the spokesmodel, only received 3 and a quarter stars, so this sweatshirt has just officially won Star Search because, well, that’s how that works.

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