Pretty People Do Pretty Things

You know how they say sometimes that “less than attractive” parents have beautiful children? I don’t know, I’ve heard that before. Well, do you think that really attractive parents will have ugly children? Personally, I think that’s the price they should be forced to pay (by law) for being so damn good looking. We’ll see what happens with baby Nahla. We’ll be watching you Nahla. We look forward to your awkward stage when you’re 15 yrs old and I’m 150 and still blogging. We’ll see who’s laughing then (it’ll be you, trust me).

Halle Berry, her boyfriend/possible fiance Gabriel Aubry, and their daughter out of wedlock (you know the official term), Nahla, were doing a little shopping whilst in NYC the other day. Doesn’t look like they’re shopping to me, but I guess I’m just splitting hairs…..whatever that means.

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