Let’s Start Up Some Good Old “Halle Berry is Pregnant” Rumors!


It’s been a while since people have been trying to claim that Halle Berry is pregnant again.  I’m pretty sure the focus has been on Mariah Carey being “with child” but I’d like to shift back over to Halle.

As soon as I saw this photo of Halle leaving Bristol Farms supermarket in West Hollywood, CA the other day I immediately saw this as a sign of being pregnant.  It’s simple historical science, actually.  If you recall, which I do on a daily basis, on The Cosby Show when Phylicia Rashad/Claire Huxtable was pregnant on the show, but we weren’t supposed to know, they always had brown paper bags of groceries positioned directly in front of her baby bump.  She’d walk through the kitchen with some groceries.  She’d walk into the living room and hand Theo a bag of groceries to bring into the kitchen, but she’d still have one bag covering herself.

So if my math/science/history is correct AND if we are all still living our lives the way the cast of The Cosby Show did, which we all should be, then something tells me Halle Berry is pregnant.  Some could call it a rumor.  I call is pure scientific proof.  I guess we’ll know for sure in the next 9 months.

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