I’m Voting For Whoever Halle Berry’s Rack Tells Me to Vote For

Halle Berry clearly dropped all of her baby weight, stuffed her rack-attack into an Obama t-shirt and hauled her ass out for a little shopping in Century City yesterday. Whatever Halle’s boobs tells me to do I’m totally doing. Get caught robbing a store? Simply answer “Halle’s boobs made me do it” and the police will quickly let you go with a soft pat on the back. Clearly Halle is voting for Obama. No word yet on who her cameltoe will be voting for. Perhaps a write-in.

In bitchy Halle Berry news, Halle has filed a complaint against the paparazzo who took pictures of Halle and her baby in the privacy of her own home. And investigation is now underway. Can’t this paparzzo just say that Halle’s boobs made him do it? I’d go with that defense.


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