Halle Berry Was Hot and Homeless

Halle Berry was recently spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Santa Monica with a teapot (really), but did you ever know that Halle at one point that’s all she really had? Halle Berry recently told Readers Digest that she was homeless at one point when she was first getting into acting because she ran out of money and her mother refused to help her out. In order to survive Halle stayed in a homeless shelter for a short period of time. Nice! Halle must have been the hottest homeless person ever. Halle said:

“After a month or two, I ran out of money and called her. I said, ‘Mum, I hate to ask you this, but could you send me some money? I just have rent money. I can’t eat this week.’ And she said, I’m not going to start this calling home asking Mom for money. No. Figure it out or come home.’ I was so mad. I didn’t speak to her for a year and a half.”

Halle later credits this Ricky Lake tough love attitude with how she got to where she is today and becoming a person who knows that can always make her own way. Similar to Burger King, Halle can have it her way.

Who Said That!?! and Who Shot That!?!

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