Halle Berry Licks the Filthy Ground. Hot

It seems like just yesterday Halle Berry was telling the world she tried to take a “dirt nap” and now she’s getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Halle was awarded the 2,333rd star (that must make her feel special). Halle’s mom was there to witness this fiasco as well as Samuel L. Jackson. No really, he was there. Seriously? Samuel L. Jackson is not only in every movie, but now he’s also in everyones business too. Halle Berry’s business.
Have you ever been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Yeah, it’s a dump. Oh, and it’s filthy too. It’s a tourist trap and kinda like a time warp into 1973. I’m not too sure if Halle should be kissing/licking the ground, but hey if that’s what she’s into I’m not going to judge her. I mean, I can honestly say for the first time in my life I wish I was “a sidewalk.”
And who is that old man? I wish I was the old man too. Sad. What a waste of a dry-hump. I wish I was the old man and the sidewalk. I’ve hit a new low.
As a side note, can Halle Berry get Hep C from licking the sidewalk? I mean, I know you can get it from high-fiving Pam Anderson, I just wasn’t sure if the same rules applied for kissing the sidewalk.
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