Halle Berry is Hot, This We Know. Let Us Not Forget That Halle Was Involved in 2 Hit and Run's. Still Hot Though.



Halle Berry is walking, ladies and gentlemen, Halle Berry is walking.  She’s using her legs and she’s walking.  This is new.  Actually, this is news?  Wow, that question-mark really works wonders for a sentence.  Anyway, Halle Berry was as quick as a ninja in heat as she make her way through New York City over the weekend.  Some say she’s here for work.  Some says she’s not.  I actually don’t care.  However, seeing these photos of Halle made me think, “Wait a second, didn’t Halle Berry leave the scene after she hit someone with her car?”  I think we, as a society, don’t talk about that enough.  So I looked it up via “the Google” and found out that I was correct.  But as an added bonus I learned that she was also involved in another hit and run a few years earlier than that.  Ay ay ay, that Halle.  Little minx.  Next time I see her I will, of course, give her a stern talking to.

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