Halle Berry Has Gas ish

These are perhaps some of my favorite photos that people take; the celebrities pumping gas. I never really care or think that they can’t pump gas, I mean they weren’t always famous. However, I do always wonder if they care about gas prices like the rest of us. I mean, we all lose our sh!t when gas prices drop like 10 cents and I bet it doesn’t even phase them! Lucky bastards!

Halle wears a little bling (do the kids still say “bling?”) while pumping gas for her car? Where the hell is her car? In the first photo it looks like she is about to pay, but her car is nowhere to be found. Maybe she’s just paying for the next person? Perhaps the best part of all of this is Halle scratching her ass. Why is this the best part? Well because I have the mentality of a 12 year old.

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