Halle Berry Has a “Sass-Off” at CVS

Halle Berry can do no wrong in my book. I mean, sure, she had that whole hit-and-run incident a few years back and even thought of killing herself years ago too, but I love me some crazies and Halle fits the bill. Halle was at CVS in Malibu the other day and appears to be having a “sass-off” with some customers as she leaves the store. In photo one, the customers shoot a little sass at Halle. In photo two, Halle walks away and shoots her own sass back at them, but unfortunately the sass wasn’t shot in their direction so that weren’t hit by the sass. Finally in photo three the customer comes back and shoots a little sass out of the corner of her eye and hits Halle with that sass on her ass (bonus points). So who won this “sass-off?” I would have to give it to the CVS customers this time around. Sorry Halle, better luck next time.

Of course rumors are always flying that Halle Berry is knocked up and she hates when people say that. Basically any time she wears a dress people just assume. I say that she should constantly be drinking a beer in a brown paper bag. That way, any time someone snaps a photo of her and are about to say she’s pregnant they will then realize she isn’t because she’s drinking. She can even mix it up every once in a while and have a martini or something. The choices are endless and will prevent these rumors in the first place. My thoughts? Basically if you aren’t drinking you’re probably pregnant.
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