Halle Berry Dresses Like Barney, I’m Totally Fine With It

I think it’s fine that Halle Berry dressed up like Barney for the premiere of “Perfect Stranger” in Mexico. I think her boobs peaking out of the top of the dress is the same as Barney’s tail peaking out of his costume too. And, I also think that it’s good for the kids to see. I don’t care what Halle wears or does for that matter. She’s hot. She can do no wrong in my book. I’ve practically forgotten that she was involved in a hit and run years back. Whatever. She could have killed the person she hit. She’s still on fire. You know what? Even though she was at the premiere of “Perfect Stranger” in Mexico, I wouldn’t care if she was remaking the hit late 80’s TV show, “Perfect Strangers.” She could have been Cousin Larry’s girlfriend. Makes no difference to me. Good for her. More Halle please. Thank you.
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