Daily Reminder: This is Someones Mother



IBBB would like to interrupt your day to remind you that this is someones mother.  This is Halle Berry.  She is a mother.  She has a baby.  She gave birth to a baby.  She is a mom.  See what I’m saying here?  No?  Let me expand.  Halle Berry is subtly giving a nice quiet message to all those soccer moms out there who gave birth and then immediately got a short-tight-perm, sported a fanny pack, and threw on a B.U.M Equipment sweatshirt. Please know that you can still be hot.  I mean, you’ll never be as hot as Halle Berry, but you can still come in a close 205th.

Anyberry, Halle was visiting some friends in the Hollywood Hills yesterday afternoon and was spotted by the paparazzi, who I assume just sit and wait in trees all along the Hollywood Hills. That is all.

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