Getting to Know You and You

Well, it’s back again folks. A little segment you’ve been enjoying called Getting to Know YOU in which I shed a little light onto how many of you have come to find my site. Here are some of the words that your typing into “the Google” and somehow landing on good old ImBringingBloggingBack. Let’s see what this week brings us (with my additional commentary, of course). Please keep in mind these are not jokes (sadly) and I’m definitely starting with my favorite:
  • “Maybe if I Google this in “getting to know you” in I’m Bringing Blogging Back and then I will be famous and I could finally go to rehab with Lindsay Lohan” (Your written thoughts have paid off and you have made it onto my site. Enjoy rehab. P.S, tell Lindsay that the freckles symbolize the journey of a whore)
  • Prison bitches (Thanks Paris!)
  • I’m Bringing the Blog Back (Nice name, retard)
  • Z snaps (Sassin’ while typing?)
  • Ashley Olsen whit a brown hair (I don’t even know what that means)
  • Celebrity watches the one that beep (Is this the same retard typing in all of these?)
  • How to dress like an elderly (Caution: Diddler Alert, Diddler Alert)
  • Bee sting boobs (Ouch! Bzzzzz)
  • Laurie Ann and boom cats (boom cat, boom boom cat!)
  • You can take all these tricks up my sleeve, I don’t need them anymore (Sweet! Free tricks!)
  • Fat bitch fights (What can I say? People love bitches)
  • Who wants to stay sober these days anyway (Lindsay, clearly Googling from Promises Rehab)
  • My wife in the barbers chair white nylon cutting cape on (Huh? Oh wait. I get ya)
  • Please write a funny letter about the life of a salesman in the oil patch (Of course I will. What does that mean?)
  • Why are Friday’s crazy (Because your mother is a whore. Just sayin…)
  • Sabado Gigante nipple slips (ay! ay! ay! ay!)
  • I’m going to be homeless (at least you’ll have a kick ass tan)
  • Perming the hair with beer cans (Must be Prom season at the trailer park!)
  • The Yankees still suck (Agreed)
  • How to get Jessica Alba ass (When you find out, please share)
Another fruitful week of searches. Clearly, people still love porn and typing in mindless questions to Google, hoping that someone will answer. Well, I’ve answered. Until next time….
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