Getting to Know You. And You, My Friends, Are Perverts.

Well it’s Friday so that means useless and random blog posts. Therefore I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.

  • Bringing the blogging back (clearly the Germans are searching Google)
  • Mariah Carey’s clothes fall off (uh, they’re too tight to just “fall off”)
  • Make my dinner bitch (uh-oh, someone is getting a beating tonight!)
  • Jealous bitches hate I’m married (really? you sound sweet)
  • I’m really pissed at my bitch of a siter (how can I help?)
  • Bud Bundy with Bud Light (because that would be awesome)
  • “Messing my pants” (cleanup, aisle 7)
  • Picture of Tim Allen in a speedo (for the love of God, why?)
  • If I wants to become call boy (it’s great to have goals)
  • Should I wear underpants during jogging? (nope)
  • Bitches on myspace (someone is wife-hunting)
  • Celeb eyepatch (why? what will you do with this information?)
  • I’m the girl down your block and in your hood (ok. nice to meet you)
  • Bangs are back (no clue)
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