Getting to Know YOU, Again

Back by popular demand is Getting to Know YOU, a new little segment that takes some of the best phrases and/or questions that people type into Google and somehow arrive at ImBringingBloggingBack. Here’s some of my favorites from the past week:
  • Rihanna’s forehead (see what I’ve started!?)
  • Harriet Carter model (poor “failure model chick”)
  • Jessica Simpson on a horse (huh?)
  • Nursing home slut (Nana?)
  • Paris gave Cher’s son herpes (ouch)
  • Hot bitches and beer (clearly I have a classy audience)
  • What culture is Cami on Laguna Beach (huh? what culture? what does that even mean?)
  • Nosy is a disease, get well soon bitch tshirt (Harriet must sell this)
  • How do I find Jessica from Laguna Beach (uh, should I report this to the police?)
  • Sluts of Mexico (why the hell not)
  • Eat your honey thongs (sure)
  • Is Ali Lohan Jojo? (yes, it’s like that episode of The Brady Bunch when Peter played two roles)
  • Steve Sanders and Heidi (brilliant!)

An interesting “learning of the week” is that over 500 people got to ImBringingBloggingBack by typing in their favorite celebrity with the word “cameltoe” after it. Brilliant, yet scary.

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