Getting to Know YOU!

I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.

  • Bringing back Lindsay skank Lohan the lesbian (that seems like a lot of work)
  • How do you make a cameltoe (Mariah, is that you?)
  • Full House DJ starves herself (great episode, should’ve won an Emmy)
  • How is Brandy doing? (fine, thank you)
  • Kyndra and Cami Halloween costumes (brilliant)
  • Lindsay Lohan in a diaper (before or after the latest DUI?)
  • My friend just got arrested for DUI while riding a bike (Dina? Is your “friend” Lindsay?)
  • Myspace nut punchers (ouch AND why?)
  • Pictures of Tom Brady sneezing (seriously, what does one do with that?)
  • How sluts dress (classy and nice)
  • Legally a midget (yes Mary-Kate, you are)
  • Parking lot gossip (did you hear what the car said to the parking spot?)
  • Uh uh girl (did I just get Google sassed?)
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