Getting to Know, YOU!


Time for another installment of Getting to Know YOU! Here we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow landing on ImBringingBloggingBack. Brilliant. As always, I list out my favorites of the recent past and add my own thoughts after. Enjoy it, but not too much.

  • what happened to farrah’s asian friend? (we’ll let Debra, the prosecution, and a court of law answer that)
  • im bringing blogging back myspace (Google 2007?)
  • why does amber’s mom talk funny (lack of money)
  • ambers sister died from skids teen mom (I’m not making this up)
  • did snooki say vinnie raped her (is this like fan fiction?)
  • stupids (simple, to the point, and accurate)
  • two headed girl engaged (there’s two lids for every pot)
  • angelina jolie is a skank (aniston is relentless in her searches)
  • grinch sex (ho-ho-ho?)
  • horse riding innuendos (like um, “she’s really riding that horse?”)
  • ladies tools (insert lay-up joke here ______)
  • mary kate olsen toon (dream come true)
  • britney spears se le ve la vagina (welcome international traffic!)
  • camel toe school (wow they really do have a school for everything!)
  • cat sitting on second keyboard (for what?)
  • decorating the church for christmas (wait is that, like, sex code?)
  • do you like lindsay lohan freckles (no, lindsay, I don’t)
  • does isis from antm have a willy (nope, she freed it)
  • how can i become a wig model (just apply…no one else is)
  • mrs garrett’s rack (yes!)
  • your a failure (you’re a failure)

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