Getting to Know, YOU!


Time for another installment of Getting to Know YOU! Here we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow landing on ImBringingBloggingBack. Brilliant. As always, I list out my favorites of the recent past and add my own thoughts after. Enjoy it, but not too much.

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  • what is a fugazi (Teresa’s financial situation)
  • who writes i’m bringing blogging back (me)
  • tyler and catelynn bash website (better not be this one)
  • milania’s cruise cake (potato chips and pudding – fabulous!)
  • blowpig shoes (BOGO)
  • carolina liar i’m not over you you tube (nothing funny about this except I was literally listening to this on my iPod as I read that entry.  Strange)
  • does maci’s boyfriend kyle have front teeth (yes, but Bint-Lee doesn’t)
  • dora the explorer bikini delicioso (i’m reporting this)
  • how candace cameron lost weight (jazzercising with Any Becky)
  • how do third world countries handle a everyday chore (by swatting flies)
  • im going to a friends house for the first time and im bringing food. do I need to bring a house warming gift? (you’ve come to the right place. yes and yet no.  hope that helped)
  • karma on back tattoo picture flipping off sitting on bed (seriously, what?)
  • teen mom blog guy interview with chelsea lately (I like that idea)
  • why does meth ruin your skin. my twin does it and looks so much older than I do. (looks like an Olsen is Googling)
  • can you get addicted to computer cleaner? (it’s like i’m walking on sunshine!)
  • elodie otto eminem (hmm, maybe a rap duet?)
  • ike turner pimping (in hell)
  • the hills is so false (true)
  • ty pennington is mr bear? (I’m pretty sure)
  • what does luke perry think about beyonce? (really?)

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