Papouli and Full House BOTH Tricked Me and I’m Bullsh*t!!!

If you are a regular reader of IBBB or know me on a personal level you know that my favorite episode of any show that was ever created was the episode of Full House when Papouli came to visit the Tanners and he kicked the bucket before the episode ended. I literally have this episode saved on my Tivo and any time I have friends staying with me in NYC we always watch it after we return to my apartment in a drunken stupor. This is not a joke. This is pathetic, but true.

Anytanner, I finally realized that Full House has pulled the corny wool over my eyes. The episode where Papouli goes to Jesus is not the first time that Papouli meets the family like they force us to believe. Oh no, my friends, we’ve been tricked. In that episode, Papouli opens the door to the Tanner house, extends his arms, and yells “Heeeey Everybody!” The whole gang goes out to greet him and he doesn’t know who anyone is. He thinks Michelle is Stephanie and DJ is Michelle and Joey is Danny and Rebecca is a whore, etc.

However! I was watching an OLDER episode of Full House the other day when they all went to Greece and DJ accidentally got married to that random kid from Greece and there were two Michele Tanners….one was regular Michele and the other was the other Olsen Slut with a brown wig on and she was supposed to be the Greek cousin. Please. Anyway, Papouli was in THAT episode and even had a speaking part. Now why would the writers of Full House try to trick us/me like this? Why is this acceptable? Had they not heard of reruns and pathetic loser bloggers who would one day discover this and take to the Interweb and write about it?

I want answers, but more importantly I want an apology from Papouli himself. I don’t care he’s dead in real life. Either dust off my Ouija Board or prop him up with rope like on Weekend at Bernie’s. I demand answers. I demand them now.

Frustrated and Still Loser Blogger

P.S –> Uncle Jesse? Is it ok…to….cry?

P.P.S –> Hey Papouli, you can take your “special greek dance” and shove it up your pedophile a$$.

P.P.P.S –> I’m glad that Michele freaked out when she heard that you died and smashed her stupid popsicle stick bird house on the kitchen floor.

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