Ode to Papouli

As you know, I have an obsession with all things Full House. My unhealthy obsession hits tilt on the “Creepy-o-Meter” by how much I love the episode when Papouli dies. I literally have it saved on my Tivo and make my friends watch it every time they come to visit me in NYC and we come back from a bar three sheets to the wind. It’s a tradition.
Anycrap, I found a brilliant clip on Youtube in which someone edited the Papouli scenes with extra features, such as random, yet hilarious, audience reactions. Sure the clip is 5 minutes and 25 seconds long, but I recommend turning up your volume and watching the entire thing. I’m 10 yrs old so this was extra funny to me. Enjoy!
R.I.P Papouli.


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