DJ Tanner at Kathy Santone’s Pool Party?

Kathy Santone’s pool party was canceled due to rain. However, Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner) was all smiles minus her old chubby cheeks at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the Hallmark Channel presentation at the TV Critics Tour in LA the other day. What the hell does any of that mean?

DJ is looking pretty good, I must say. I think that time when she didn’t eat for three days and was doing crazy exercises at the gym really helped her to shed the pounds. I mean, sure she fell to her knees when she got off the StairMaster and she kept weighing herself after each exercise she performed, but she really came close to hitting her goal of fitting into a bathing suit for Kathy Santone’s pool party. I say “came close” because Stephanie ratted her out when DJ wouldn’t taste Uncle Joey’s homemade chicken parmigiana that sorta looked like “Period Pad Stew.” Gross. DJ might have said she didn’t want any because she just brushed her teeth, but Steph let the cat out of the bag and told everyone that DJ hadn’t eaten in 3 days. Uncle Jesse, of course, stepped in and told her to sit down right now and eat a sandwich. I’m pretty sure that’s how you deal with someone who has an eating disorder. Just yell at them and force them to eat. Seriously, what in the holy hell am I talking about and why do I remember so many details of Full House. I need help. I really do.

Anycrap, so Candace Cameron is doing well and looking good. Ok, I need to shut off the TV before I have nightmares of Donna-Joe Tanner trying to force feed me sandwiches while Comet tries to hump me at the kitchen table. How rude!

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