Buy the House Where Papouli Died!


They call me Papouli because Grandpa sounds so old!  Oopa!  I am tipping over my couch as we speak to find all the spare change I can get my hands on so that I can fulfil my pathetic life dream of owning the Full House house.  Yes, my friends, the Full House house is for sale!  According to recent reports that I surprisingly didn’t make up, the asking price is $4.1 million.  Currently there is no word yet if the remains of Papouli are part of the sale, but one can assume.  Also in question is Stephanie’s bee costume, Uncle Jesse’s original mullet, Michelle Tanner’s Greek cousin, DJ’s Paula Abdul posters, the sunglasses that Kimmy Gibbler bought the second DJ mentioned she wanted them, Uncle Joey’s “Mr Woodchuck,” or Danny’s dresser that was moved to cover the hole in the wall that DJ and Steph created whilst fighting.  During the closing I’m hoping that DJ and Stephanie sing “Dad, dad, dad.  He’s our dad.  He’s so rad.”  I mean, for $4.1 million I’ll make them sing it, by law.

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