Ant Becky and Uncle Jesse Still Doing Their “Taxes?”


I only want to live in a world where everything is constantly about Full House.  Is that too much to ask?  Look, I read “The Secret” and it says that I need to put out into the universe exactly what I want and, in turn, I will get it.  Well, for the 100th time (today), “I Want a Full House Reunion Back on Prime-time.”  So there we have it.

Anygeekburgerwithcheese, Uncle Becky and Ant Jesse (typo, I’m leaving it in) were practically making out (I made that up) while having lunch at Mauro’s Cafe in LA just the other day.  They say it was “lunch” but I’m sure they were really doing their “taxes” and just had to tell Michelle that so she wouldn’t pitch a bitch-fit.

Personally, I like how Ant Becky dresses younger now than she did when she was actually on Full House.  I mean, then she was literally 28 years old and dressing like a 47 year old no-nonsense business woman from the early 1980’s.  And, just for kicks, let’s pretend that the other two guys with them are either Nicky and Alex or Danny and Joey.  Oh! Or Joey and Mr. Woodchuck come to life!  Yeah, I like that one better!

It’s times like these that I really wish that Papouli was still alive.  You know, not dead from being killed by that ugly popsicle stick bird-house that Michelle made for him in exchange for him teaching her “a great dance.”  Yeah, some dance.  Dance of death, more like it.  Oopa!

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