Dina Lohan’s Reality Show: Living Lohan

Set your TIVO at once! If you don’t have a TIVO, buy one and set it. If you have a TIVO buy a second one and attach it to a backup generator, as I will do, because Dina Lohan’s reality show is debuting this summer. At this time, the title of Dina’s show is “Living Lohan.” Personally I would have called it something catchy like, “Pass the Freckles” or “If At Least 2 of My Kids Stay Alive, I Laugh Last: The Dina Lohan Experience.” No? I like the second one the best.

Anyway, my #1 celebrity crush (sorry girl who played “Katie” on “Gimme a Break”) Dina Lohan is ready to amaze the world with her frightfully tanned life on the E! Network. Other Lohan’s that plan on making appearances include little Ali who wants to act and sing (yowza) and her two brothers who I don’t feel the need to name unless they have a massive amount of freckles. Dina and crew have already filmed enough for a few episodes, but is going to start filming even more starting on March 17th in New York!!!! Everyone, pray to your form of a Jesus that I run into her on the streets of NYC. I will do my best to romance her by providing her with the following: tanning coupons, hair bleach, gum shiners, and some moonshine (as I assume she drinks it).

Bring on Dina-palooza 2008!

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