Dina Lohan Heads to Court, Does Her Best “Anna Nicole Going to Court” Impression


Well isn’t this like looking into an opposites crystal ball!  Blessed Mother Dina Lohan was all sass and no frass while heading into court yesterday to face Father Michael Lohan and try to get her some of that child support money because, you know, Linds aint payin’ da billz, yo!  Dinasaur Lohan is claiming that she hasn’t received child support in over one year, which is odd because I assumed that Michael Lohan’s annual bonus would cover that.  No?  Doesn’t have a job?  Oh.  Cashing in his 401K?  No?  Doesn’t have one?  Oh.  Savings account?  Zip?  Yowza.  Selling his collection of Garbage Pail Kids?  Already sold them?  Oh.  Oh well.  Well Dinasaur can’t make ends meet with her dancing tips or extensions sales and, well, the littlest ginger Lohan may need braces so cough it up Michael!

I hope Dina doesn’t end up like Anna Nicole.  You know, dead.  Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page with that.   Screw you, Rusty!

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