Dina Lohan Has My Job

At no point did I ever think I would want something that Dina Lohan has….not even the diseases! Dina Lohan was hired by Entertainment Tonight to interview celebrities on the red carpet the other night at the “Georgia Rule” premiere. I think she just wanted the invite, but that’s just me. One drunken random source though is saying that Dina really wants to be a TV star and is trying to land the spot to replace Rosie O’Donnell on “The View.” Uh, yeah that would be great. As if the cast of The View wasn’t white-trash enough! Now technically was Dina Lohan invited to the red carpet because of her red carpet? One can wonder. I bet Dina must be a blast to party with. I bet she smokes Misty 120’s and drinks Zima’s. Ohhh that would be great!

Who Said That!?!

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