DWTS Bruno Toniolo Says Kate Gosselin is “Crap.” In Related News, Crap is Pisssssed Right Now.


I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what the F Bruno on Dancing With the Stars is ever saying.  It’s so fast and so loud that my Tivo overheats and then shuts down.  However, I can read things that he’s said and while even that typically doesn’t make sense to me, at least my eyes can recognize words here and there.

This time around People is reporting that while on Lopez Tonight (random), Bruno spoke of warm and loving Kate Gosselin and stated that “Kate is pretty dreadful.  She’s crap.”

Seriously I think that is so rude.  I mean, I couldn’t give 2 F’s about Kate and/or her dancing, but to bring the good name of crap down to a level of that is, well, unforgivable.  I mean, crap isn’t all that bad.  It does tricks sometimes.  You know, sometimes it floats and stuff.  Sometimes it even wraps itself around a few times like a snake taking a nap.  Once I’m even pretty sure I saw my name spelled out in it.  So give crap a break.  It’s the butt of every joke and it’s getting a little old.  I, for one, am going to start putting my crap up on a pedestal and giving it the proper respect is so clearly deserves.

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