America’s Next Top Model: “Modeling is Acting Like a Ho and Making it Fashion” – Tyra Banks

We at IBBB are lucky to have resident America’s Next Top Model enthusiast, Jenny, write up a little somethin’ somethin’ about last night’s episode. Seriously, hysterical. Thanks Jenny! Overall, this episode of ANTM was rather uneventful…Regardless, I’ve included some highlights: Miss Jay comes marching onto the football field and delivers the news that the girls […]

Tyra Banks Steals Beyonce’s Thunder

There would be no way that I could love Tyra Banks any more than I do. I don’t know if she knows how insane she is and I love me some crazies. What better way to celebrate Beyonce making the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition than to have Tyra make it all about her […]

Tyra’s Before and After is the Same, No?

I love Tyra, but let’s face it, no one loves Tyra more than Tyra. After some unflattering pictures appeared of Tyra in a brown one-piece (aka: grandma’s) bathing suit Tyra did what she does best. She made her show all about her favorite topic, “Tyra.” As you can see from this short clip on YouTube […]

Tyra Banks Drags It Up At the PGAs

Uh, I just got my Tyra Mail and it told me that Tyra was a man baby, yeah! I can’t tell what the deal with Tyra is. I feel like when she was a bit younger she seemed way hotter. Now that she gave up being a supermodel it seems like she is a big […]

Tyra and Clay: Who’s The Chick?

…and I’m not saying which is the chick and which isn’t or which is the dude and which isn’t. It’s kinda like a brain teaser, really. Clay sashed his way onto the set of Tyra and even got to have his very own cue cards! Wow, see it doesn’t matter that you didn’t win American […]

Tyra Banks: A New Level of Crazy

Just when you think that Tyra Banks can’t get any crazier she crashes through her typical level of crazy and finds a whole new level of crazy. Bottom line, she’s nuts. Well, she has nuts…sort of. Tyra decided to dress up like a man for her talk show and go undercover so she could figure […]