Smiling With Your Eyes….Chin….Cheeks…Nose….Neck….Teeth

Like Tyra showing us how she pushes one out…so are the days of our lives. Tyra Banks, the Telma Hopkins of our generation, made sure to show off all of her newest facial expressions whilst on the red carpet at “The CW It’s a Reality” at Simyone Lounge in NYC the other night.  Tyra was […]

Tyra Wants You to Tell Her How Much You Like Tyra, What Your Favorite Tyra Episode Was, and Just Talk About Tyra. You In? Tyra. Oh, and Tyra. Tyra.

Do you love Tyra?  Doesn’t matter.  Tyra wants you to love Tyra.  Scratch that.  Tyra requires by new legislation that you love Tyra.  I love getting Tyra casting notices.  The topics are always great.  This time, however I think we hit “tilt” on the “Ego-o-Meter.”  Tyra is looking for those who love Tyra and will […]

Tyra Banks Poised to Steal Your Invention

As you may know I have shot over 1 scene for the Tyra Banks Show.  I shot 2.  Are you judging me?  Are you paying my bills?  You know don’t me!  You don’t know me! You aint gots nuthin’ on me!  Oh no you didn’t.  Oh no you don’t.  Oh no you just did not!  […]

Tyra Banks Ending Talk Show in 2010. I'm Crizping.

Similar to Tyra coining the phrase “Smizing” which she claims means “Smiling With Your Eyes” I am “Crizping” over the news that Tyra is leaving her talkshow after season 5 in 2010. What is “Crizping” you ask? Why it means, “Crying With My Penis” of course! Tyra has won 2 Emmy Awards for The Tyra […]

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to Tyra Banks Street?

      In an attempt to inform the minds of people whose brains aren’t fully developed on who she is, Tyra Banks uses some of the characters from Sesame Street to reach an audience of those who can only say Mama, Dada, Hi, and Gaga.  It really is important that everyone who is able […]

What a Surprise, Tyra Stars in Her Own Stalker Trial!

  I would love it if the Tyra Banks stalker trial was the same length as the original OJ Simpson trial, was televised all the live-long day, and there was a recap of the days events before, during, and after America’s Next Top Model.  These pictures were snapped up of Tyra as she exited her very […]

Tyra Banks Show: Sexting. Oh Thank You JESUS!

There always seems to be an upside of having Strep Throat w/ a 102 fever and dying on my couch.  You see, the upside (as thankfully shown to me from Jesus Claus or “Old Saint Christ” as I sometimes like to call him) was that I got to stay home and see what I will […]

An IBBB Reader Meets Tyra Banks. Tyra. Oh, and Tyra. Tyra.

Happy Friggity-Friday!  I’ve been getting a ton of emails about “what ever happened to Jenny recapping America’s Next Top Model?”  Well, we’re in a recession and I had to let her go. No!  Jenny is expecting her second child so I thought I’d give her the season off because I’m nice…and she can’t stay up […]

This Time Last Year: Tyrabots

Walk with IBBB down memory lane and relive what he was writing about this time last year.  It’s my most favorite lazy Friday segment.  Walk with me. Read with me. Share with me. What has Tyra started!?! It seems like everywhere I turn there is another celebrity that has the official Tyra Banks hairdo. It’s […]

Like Attracts Like. Tyra Brings the Crazies.

Oh where to begin? Where. To. Begin. After I came across (not literally) the picture of Jaslene, I ended up digging up some pictures of Tyra and her gang of lunatics at the Oxygen Media Launch Party for “America’s Next Top Model: Obsessed.” Yeah. Doesn’t that already exist? Isn’t it already called “All Day Saturday’s […]

Who Gets Kicked in the Vagina?

So you remember how that really fat chick from Hairspray and her dad got into a physical fight in a Caribbean airport with that really mean chick from America’s Next Top Model (who used to pick on the chick with aspergers) and her mom? Yeah, well now that really mean chick, Bianca, has taken to […]

Ohhhh Tyra is Going to be PISSED!

If you don’t know by now because you’re too busy reading about gas prices, banks closing, businesses filing for Chapter 11, and political bullcrap, Britney Spears will be releasing her new single soon called, “Womanizer.” With that comes all sorts of crazy people trying to leak the song and show what the cover will look […]

Tyra’s Losing Modeling Contracts Because She’s Forgetting How to Model, Not Because Celebrities Are Taking Them. There, I Said It!

Sometimes I put everything I want to say in my blog title, you know, for sport. I can’t get enough Tyra I don’t care that her ass is saturating the market. More Tyra please. This time around Tyra is shooting Italian Vogue’s “Black Issue” around NYC because, clearly, nothing is more black and Italian quite […]

Tyra’s Fat Ass Saved a Life

Tyra. For some reason, of which I am not intelligent enough to understand, Tyra Banks is not only on the cover of the new Bazaar Magazine, but is also inside the magazine dressed up like Michelle Obama and playing “first lady” in the Oval Office with a pretend Barack Obama and a little girl under […]

Tyra Works Harder Than You

Dressing aspiring average looking models in unitards so that their cameltoe is fully exposed is harder than it looks. Trust me. I’ve been trying that for years. And, after all of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model under her snugly fitting belt, Tyra has another honor bestowed unto her. According to Contact Music Tyra […]

I Dream of Tyra

Tyra. The woman who once said, “Modeling is looking hoochie, but making it fashion” is now on the cover of New York Times Magazine this weekend. Tyra. I couldn’t be happier as anything “Tyra” typically brings a smile to my mouth and eyes. Tyra. You’ll have to pick up the latest copy, but from what […]

Tyra Takes Her Boobs to the CW Upfronts

I have two beautiful girls standing in front of me. One girl has been perky and full the whole time. The other girl has been pushed a little in the background and not as even throughout this…whole….competition. So who stays? The boob that’s been perky or the boob that still has some potential? I’m sorry. […]

Weeeeeeeeee! QVC!

Ba da ba ba ba I’m lovin’ it! What’s black and white and red all over? A Clay Aiken hugging a Tyra Banks, but of course! As a sidenote, the answer to that joke could also be “A freckled Lindsay Lohan dry-humping a skunk.” Just in case you were wondering. Anyway, Clay Aiken and Tyra […]

Tyra Has a Stalker That’s Worse Than Me!

I’m pissed. I’ve been stalking Tyra since I’ve been in NYC and even got as close as running into Nigel Barker at a GQ event last September, but apparently that’s not good enough to get a fancy restraining order against me. Tyra’s stalker, Brady Green (made up name?) who is 37 was arrested for being […]

What Has Tyra Done!?!

What has Tyra started!?! It seems like everywhere I turn there is another celebrity that has the official Tyra Banks hairdo. It’s even crept its way into poor little Suri Cruise and her den mother, Tom Cruise. I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand it. Maybe it’s just over my head. Regardless […]