I’m Sorry, Tori, What Letter is That Supposed to Be?

Tori Spelling, her husband Dean, and Glee’s Jane Lynch were all backstage at Good Day New York yesterday and it appears Tori got a little confused on which way the “Glee L” was supposed to go.  I guess it makes sense since Donna Martin had a learning disability and all.  And, I guess, with all […]

Donna Looks Like She'll Break When Ray Throws Her Down a Flight

Tori Spelling may have recently just shot a human out of her Wonka Vision, but apparently she’s already lost the baby weight and just in time for her comeback in the new 90210.  Even some of her trademark Donna-Rack-Attack appears to be magically disappearing too.  Tori was snapped at whilst leaving a salon the other […]

Soggy Tori Spelling Shoots Wet Scenes for 90210 (That Sounded Dirtier Than I Meant It. I'm Keeping It).

  All I have to say is that Donna Martin better be running away from Ray Pruit because he tried to throw her down the stairs for the 2nd time and Kelly Taylor is helping Donna by rushing her to an anonymous women’s shelter where they’ll give her a change of clothes, a new cell […]

Tori Spelling FINALLY Back on 90210! Get Ready for Those Stairs, Donna!

No folks, you’re not dreaming. These are actual photos of Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor filming scenes for upcoming episodes of 90210. Between Jamie Walters on that Confessions of a Teen Idol show and Tori Spelling back on 90210 it’s like the Perfect Storm for Donna to get thrown down a flight of stairs. Honestly, […]

Now's Your Chance, Ray! Donna Martin and Tori Spelling Set to Fix the New 90210!

Seriously, was it not just yesterday that I blogged about Tori Spelling coming back to 90210 and now People Magazine is reporting that Tori Spelling is in final negotiations to bring Donna Martin’s sweet as back to television. No joke, she better sign the contract because I don’t know how many more times I can […]

Ray Pruit Should Start Greasing the Stairs, Because Tori Spelling May Be Back in 90210!

So either she’s coming back or she isn’t. That’s pretty much where we stand with Tori Spelling coming back to 90210. However, E News is now reporting that producers are in talks with Tori again to guest star on a bunch of episodes and possibly even specific episodes that Brandon Walsh will direct. Look, I’m […]

Looks Like Someone is Camera Ready to Be Tossed Down a Flight of Stairs by Ray Pruit!

I know I’m going to get crap for this, but I think Tori Spelling is looking good. Ok, I must confess something. Who reads the book The Secret? Me too. So they say you should put positivity out there then you can get things you want in return. I want Donna Martin back, ok. I […]

Ugh! Tori Spelling Doing Other Things Besides Being Donna Martin

Seriously enough is enough! Tori Spelling was out with her two kids, Liam and Stella, wearing what I can only assume is a nightie and I’m pissed! I no longer need to see Tori with her kids or basically doing anything else but practicing to be the best up-to-date Donna Martin she can be. This […]

Tori Spelling Dresses Up Because, You Know, That’s What You Do

Clearly money was no object on the People Magazine “set” for Tori Spelling and her husband to reennact famous couples from yesteryear. Tossing on some vintage clothes and dropping a green screen in the background is all you need. Tori and Dean dressed up, from what I hear, for a music video they were shooting […]

So Why Do Tori and Dean Look So Pissed?

Geesh! What’s up with The Addams Family? Tori Spelling and her wife, Dean, were looking less than pleased whilst they attended the Christian Audigier: The Nightclub inside of Treasure Island in Vegas. Seriously, Treasure Island is a dump. It’s like Circus Circus. Stay away. Anyway, is anyone else noticing that Tori and Dean seem bored […]

Luke Perry to Play Jim Walsh?

Luke Perry, wearing jeans on jeans, was alive and well at LAX over the weekend and by LAX I don’t mean the club that “all the kids” go to, I actually mean LAX….the airport. Glamorous. Dylan is looking a little too old to be playing Brenda’s love interest in the new 90210, so I’m pushing […]

Donna Martin’s Dog Kicks It Hard

Donna Martin’s dog, Mimi LaRue (which I believe is Latin for “Impulse Purchase”) is currently sipping French Vanilla Iced Coffees in hell right now with Satan. First Tim Russert and now this? Hasn’t the American public suffered enough loss for one week? Mimi LaRue was 11 years old, which is like 102 in Aaron Spelling […]

Tori Spelling Gives Birth

So Tori Spelling did not shoot her baby out of her vagina yesterday, June 9th. She had it cut out of her, like an alien. It’s called a c-section. That’s how that works, kids, so if you have any specific questions, ask your parents. We already knew that Tori was having a girl (6lbs, 8oz.), […]

Hey Dean, Enjoying That Downtime Huh?

Remember when you were little and you and your school pals thought you’d “pull one over” on your 3rd grade teacher by putting a whoopie cushion on her chair so that when she sat down it would sound like she farted? Remember how you and your friends planned this all summer long and couldn’t wait […]

Tori Spelling: Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down

So is Tori Spelling 12 months or 13 months pregnant now? I’m not sure how all that works. She may have given birth already and just having the new baby live inside her. If it’s good enough for the kangaroos it’s good enough for the Spelling’s. Anydonna, Tori Spelling and her wife (Dean), headed out […]

Confirmed For the 17th Time This Month, Tori Spelling Get Actual Acting Work

In a true biblical sign of the Apocalypse, Tori Spelling will be heading back to an actual acting job in which she will need to not only memorize lines, but wait for it….wait for it….act out those lines. What a concept. This is bitter sweet news for me as I will truly miss watching Tori […]

Tori Spelling Baskin Robbins Tumbleweed

Some people like to make fun of Tori Spelling, but not me. I say “More Tori + More Ways to Sellout = 1 Happy Blogger.” What? I use words and math. So what? Anyway, Tori Spelling was at Baskin Robbins in the LA area serving ice cream to pregnant moms because, well, that makes sense. […]

90210 is Almost Like 90210. Sweet!

E Online is reporting that all of my dreams are coming true. So we know that Jennie Garth has signed on to the new 90210 spinoff, called 90210, as a recurring character, but did you know that she won’t sign on as a full-time cast member until she sees how the show does? Tori Spelling […]

I Hate You Both. Never Talk To Me Again!

Dear Santa, You’ve been reading all of my letters lately and I appreciate that. I’ve been a good boy all year (except for Monday-Fri; Jan-Dec). First you brought back Ant Becky to the 90210 spinoff and then you brought back Kelly Taylor. Now Santa, I hear you are bringing back Donna Martin. Tori Spelling is […]

Tori Spelling’s Kids Head is Huge!

I’m assuming this sentence isn’t grammatically correct, but Tori Spelling’s kids head is huge. I have a friend (go figure) who brought up to me a little while back that Tori’s kid, Liam, who is under 2-yrs old has the head the size of an 8-year old. My friend teaches America’s youth so I will […]