Hey Tom Brady! Hope You’re Having Fun Not Playing Football and Banging Your Supermodel Girlfriend!

Tom Brady and his supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundtcake, were hand in hand walking through the streets of New York City yesterday. As you know, Tom Brady’s knee is basically being held together with gum, sugar-water, 3 popsicle sticks, and hope. Therefore, he’s out of commission for the entire Patriot’s season. Oh don’t worry, we’re doing […]

New England Patriots 16-0 Perfect Record. Eat THAT Briget Moynahan!

Bridget Moynahan may have tried to curse the Patriots until the cows came home. She even got herself knocked up…probably as a way to mess with Tom Brady’s head. I’m sure the Colts paid her to do so. Regardless, it didn’t work, as last night my New England Patriots just finished a perfect season. Perfect, […]

Bridget Moynahan Strikes Again. Leave Tom Brady Alone and Stop Trying to Sabotage Our Season!

Bridget Moynahan is relentless. I’ve been saying that she’s been trying to sabotage the Patriots since she got knocked up 10 months ago and by “knocked up” I mean “tricked Tom Brady into getting her pregnant so she could use her kid to F up our Patriots season.” Just wanted to be clear on that. […]

Tom Brady: Boston Fan When in Boston

New father to a bastard child, Tom Brady was finally showing his Boston pride while in Boston with girlfriend, Gisele. Strange how Tom wears Yankees hats while in New York. I mean, I don’t want to say “traitor,” but I will. Traitor. Seriously, who’s going to mess with Tom Brady? I’m sure he’ll be fine […]

Bridget Moynahan to Ruin The Patriots

I knew it! I said it about 6 months ago that Bridget Moynahan would find a way to ruin the New England Patriots and now it looks like I just may be right. Thanks to Bridget Moynahan being a knocked up trash heap (no fault of Tom Brady), Tom wants to take a little time […]

Gisele Not Pregnant; Hot Again

So Gisele, after 3 weeks, has decided to tell the world that she is not pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby. Yeah, way to tackle this rumor so quickly. You could have given birth by now. Gisele was on the Spanish TV show, Corazon de Primavera, which is Spanish for “Tell Me You’re Pregnant” when Gisele […]

Tom Brady: The Knock Up King!

At this point they should rename condoms “Brady’s.” For example, “I have a date tonight so I better run to the drug store and pick up some Brady’s.” Patriots (moment of silence) quarterback, Tom Brady, is rumored to have knocked up supermodel Gisele Bundchen. If you remember correctly from about 1 month ago, news broke […]

Tom Brady to be a Baby Daddy

Uh-oh, someone is knocked up! Looks like Bridget Moynahan is “with child” and the baby daddy is none other than Tom Brady (insert “Brady Bunch” joke here____). Moynahan’s rep has confirmed to Multiple Persons Magazine that she is “with child” and has been for over 3-months. Well, this is just further proof what Moynahan was […]

Tom Brady is Single: Get in There Janine

Lots of random news for Boston sports lately. First, the great news about Matasuka and now this: Tom Brady splits with Bridget Moynahan. This is a special blog post for my friend Janine. Janine, now is your chance. Run your ass right up to Gillete Stadium and go make your mark. Really whore it up […]