Heidi From “The Hills”: New Boobs & Nose!

Hot off the chest! Check out Heidi Montard’s new store-bought boobs and nose! Good for her! Heidi is all of a sudden prettier, funnier, a better singer, smarter, and nicer. Is it just me? Anyway, these photos were snapped Heidi while her and she and Steve Sanders were hanging out at the beach in Malibu. […]

Jason Wahler Hearts Guns

Even though “The Hills” is on a break until Season 3 starts up at some point in the summer, it’s like every week there is a new “The Hills” story to choose from. This one is great. Apparently, Jason Wahler and some buddies were drinking vodka and playing a friendly little game of Russian Roulette. […]

MTV The Hills: Jason Wahler Plays YouTube

It’s tough when The Hills isn’t on. IBBB readers are still emailing me about my thoughts on everything “The Hills” related. It’s tough when the show is on a break. Luckily I found this gem of a video. It’s been around for a couple of months, but you know me, I’m famous for day-old news. […]

Heidi Started the LC Sex Tape Rumor?

I don’t know when this became the official “The Hills” blog, but somehow it has. According to a random drunken source via US Weekly, Lauren believes that it was Heidi Montard and Steve Sanders (yes I still refuse to use his real name) who started this rumor. Apparently Heidi Montard was the only cast member […]

MTV The Hills: The Hills Season 3 Is a Go

MTV has decided to add a third season of “The Hills” to its line up next season, but fans of Lauren, Heidi, Steve Sanders, Audrina, and Whitney won’t have to wait a full year for this masterpiece to be put together. The Hills, season 3, is scheduled to air at some point this summer.The second […]

Heidi’s Boobs Make News: The Hills

Uh-oh! Heidi’s old boobs are “dunzo” as the kids on MTV like to say. US Weekly has learned (some how) that Heidi Montag or “Montard” as I like to call her underwent breast augmentation surgery this week in Beverly Hills. Even more shocking is that Heidi Montard is an inspiring singer. Do you think Steve […]

MTV The Hills Finale: The Script Ends

Similar to the Berlin Wall coming down or John F. Kennedy being assassinated, you will always remember where you were when you watched the season finale of “The Hills.” Sad times. Sad times. So many questions will hopefully be answered, such as: how many teeth does Audrina really have? Will Heidi remember to chew her […]

MTV The Hills: Whitney Falls Down the Stairs

There are hardly any episodes left of The Hills this season and, clearly, they are saving the best for last. Oh, and by “best” I mean “the one where Whitney falls down the stairs.” I couldn’t care less what happens in the rest of the episode, as long as I get to see Whitney go […]

MTV The Hills: Lauren’s 21st Birthday

Woo-hoo it’s Lauren’s 21st birthday for the 1oth time! Awesome! You know what that means, there is only room for drunken fights, crying, slurring of words, and bad analogies from Whitney. Audrina and Heidi trying to plan a surprise party makes me nervous. Seriously, their plan makes no sense. I think it actually involves pissing […]

MTV The Hills: Does Heidi Move In With Steve Sanders? Who Cares?

Woo-hoo! This episode digs up some blasts from the past, specifically “Lo” from Laguna Beach. It’s kinda like when Cindy Walsh would randomly show up in the last few seasons of 90210. As my buddy Doug-E-Fresh commonly asks, “Is Lo smart and does she have fat legs?” I mean, let’s face it, this is really […]

The Hills: Whitney is the “Nana” of Interns

Ah yes, another episode of The Hills. I’m starting this one off with a question. Has Lisa Loveless ever been seen walking or even standing for that matter? It seems as though I only see her sitting in her office. Perhaps she doesn’t have legs? It’s a toss up. As I being to lose even […]

MTV The Hills: What the Hell is a Jenn Bunny?

Is it just me or is this season of “The Hills” like 549 episodes long? This episode really pulls from the bottom of the barrell and gives random Laguna Beach friend turned random The Hills friend, Jenn, a little camera time. It’s Jenn Bunny’s (??) 21st birthday and that can only mean one thing: Get […]

MTV The Hills: Are Lauren & Heidi Friends?

Sure there’s a war going on in Iraq, but let’s face it if you’re reading this you probably aren’t following the war so much. We have a new civil war taking place right here in the U.S of A between Lauren and Heidi. Perhaps it’s scripted, perhaps it’s mixed with liquor, perhaps they are having […]

MTV The Hills: Lauren Gets “Outinterned!”

Let’s face it, if you miss an episode of “The Hills” when it originally airs, MTV will show it to you again around 15 times (minimum) over the weekend. Since I missed last weeks episode, I realllllly got to get all caught up this weekend. The episode begins with Heidi calling up Steve Sanders and […]

MTV The Hills: A Very Special Heidi Episode

Oh that Heidi is really starting to grow up. I mean, I still can’t understand half that crap the she spews out of her mouth, but she is really starting to make some human progress…sorta.So the episode starts out with Lauren and Whitney (yes, bonus points for me remembering her name this week) taking pictures […]

MTV The Hills Recap and More and Less

Uh-oh it’s Heidi’s birthday and you know that nothing good is coming out of that. I really enjoyed how they keep saying it’s Heidi’s birthday, but they won’t say how old she is. Now don’t get me wrong, I was drinking waaay before I was 21, but it’s neato to see how they won’t say […]

MTV The Hills: Heidi Pregnant?

Man the last week flew by and every day was plagued by me trying to figure out if Heidi was indeed pregnant or was I just the pawn in a clever cliffhanger letdown. Did crafty editing trick me again? Here’s what went down on “The Hills” da-da-dunnnnn. Doh! I was completely tricked by a clever […]

The Hills Makes My Head Hurt

Sure the Golden Globes were on at the same time of the new season of “The Hills,” but how many hours can you really watch that award show for? 6, 7 hours? I decided to go from “rotting my brain” with the Golden Globes to “melting my brain” with the Season 2 premiere of “The […]