Happy Belated Graduation LOser!

Half the lifeless cast of The Hills were out and about the other night at Green Door in LA to celebrate LOsers last day of college or some shit from UCLA. I’m pretty sure she majored in “Fucking Retarded” and minored in “I’m Not Interesting.” She may have actually double-majored, but who can keep up […]

Whitney’s Hills Spinoff???

I can’t believe this might actually be happeninK! Everyone’s favorite advice giver on The Hills, Whitney, may in fact be gettinK her own “Hills” spinoff. Santa Claus, you really are a miracle maker. You too, Jesus! A source (probably MTV) has got in touch with Us Weekly, the magazine who blows The Hills on a […]

The Hills Gang Back Together

It seems like everyday it’s someones birthday on The Hills and they’re always at LAX to celebrate. Why does LAX and Us Weekly blow The Hills so much? Regardless, the whole gang was there to celebrate Frankie Deltardo’s big birthday with the exception of Heidi and Steve Sanders and, sadly, Whitney. Poor Whitney is never […]

Audrina’s Teeth and Boobs Go Shopping

Audrina Patridge, in her IBBB blue dress, decides to take her teeth and boobs on a little shopping spree. Now, I’m pretty up on all things “Hills” as I am quite the loser, but is anyone talking about Audrina’s new boobs? Is it just me? They are new, right? I hope they are because I […]

Brody Jenner Thinks Malibu is Rough

It’s like The Hills Gods are answering my scripted Hills prayers! Remember how I recently wrote about bumping into Brody Jenner at STK in NYC over the weekend? Yeah, well apparently STK is the only place Brody visits because at about 12:30 AM the other night I got a text message from two of my […]

Big Tipper Brody Jenner Breaks Bathroom Stall Promise

First off, I need to say that the title of this blog post is probably the most brilliant that has ever been written. Sadly, I did not make that title up, my buddy Mike did, but it’s still brilliant. So here’s the deal. Two of my great friends, Michele and Mike from Boston, came to […]

I’m Showing Picutres of Whitney Port Again Because It’s My Blog and I Make the Decisions…Well, Me and Jesus, and Jesus Likes Whitney Too. Cool?

The Hampton’s just got a little more exciting, thanks to Whitney Port. Did that sound fake? Anyway, everyones favorite Hills character has made it onto the cover of Social Life and was in the Hampton’s to celebrate. Now these photos aren’t as exciting as the other day when Whitney’s boob popped out of her dress […]

Oh Kids, Good Times

A fancy question mark can only mean one thing. Which cast member of The Hills did IBBB run into while out with friends in NYC on Friday night? Oh, and you know it wasn’t just a “hey what’s up.” Come back tomorrow for the unveiling and the comical story that goes with it.

Uh Oh! Whitney Forgot Her Bra!

Ruh-Ro Rorge! What is Whitney doinK? First Audrina flashed her rack-attack and next thinK you know, Whitney Port, from The Hills, heads out for a little lunch at The Ivy and forgets to wear her bra. Luckily hardly anyone, especially the paparazzi, take pictures at The Ivy so I’m sure no one even noticed. Whitney […]

Happy Lifeless Birthday, Audrina!

Raise your legs ladies and gentlemen greeters because Audrina Patridge is 23 years old and celebrating for the 16th time this month. Wanna spread my wings, sweet 16, so much more to life sweet 16! Audrina and her lifeless expressions celebrated the big 2-3 on Saturday night in Vegas at LAX nightclub in the Luxor […]

Karma Missed Lo & Lauren, Hits Paparazzo

Lauren Cockring and LOser were leaving Crown Bar in LA the other night when karma missed them and smacked a paparazzo right in the ass until he hit the ground. Some say he tripped and fell, I say he’s going for a “LC Upskirt” and I think he should be commended for that….kinda like that […]

Polish the White Boy Bling, Brody and Spencer Are Friends Again

Either hell has frozen over or Heidi’s chin has melted because The Hills Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt may be mending scripted fences again. After the Hills finale fiesta on Monday night, Brody told Us Weekly (about Spencer) that “We’re cool – it’s all good.” Well stated, Brody. Well bust out and polish the white […]

Why Good Morning, Hills Skanks!

When I came across these photos (not literally) I figured it was m civic duty to post them, and not because I used to drive a Honda Civic. Everybody’s favorite reality skanks were asked by People Magazine to take pictures of themselves fresh out of bed first thing in the morning. This otta be good […]

The Hills Does Rolling Stone

When all else fails, just toss the skanks from The Hills onto your cover and you’ve got yourself a winning idea! Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney all posed together for the cover of Rolling Stone recently and here is the magic in a bottle. When I first saw it I thought it was f’ing dumb, […]

Breaking “The Hills” News! Shock & Horror!

Exclusive IBBB Photo from NYC IBBB on MYSPACE The Hills Recaps Perez’s sources are like VISA, they’re everywhere. My sources are like Diners Club….not really anywhere, but once in a while you find a place that accepts Diners Club. Make sense? Me either. Anyway, my super secret “The Hills” spy has spied me some craptastic […]

The Hills Season 4 is a Go! IBBB Exclusive!

I always see other pop culture bloggers talking about their “exclusive” news. Once I looked up what “exclusive” actually meant I figured I’d share some “exclusive” news on The Hills. While it hasn’t gone public yet, The Hills Season 4 has been given the go-ahead and is scheduled to start airing on August 18th, just […]

“The Hills” The Movie? The F You Say?

Lauren Conrad, that batty little minx is at it again! This time she is alluding the fact that a “Hills” movie may be in discussion. When recently interviewed and asked about it Lauren said, “We have kind of talked about it” and she gave her big strange smile while answering. Lauren continued by saying, “I […]

Crested Butte Sells Out?

By now you know my love of Crested Butte and Heidi’s horse. I made that clear in my Hills recap yesterday. Well IBBB reader, Hills fanatic, and Crested Butte stalker, Kristy (from cyberspace) alerted me of a Crested Butte website that looks like they use a nice photo of Heidi and her family. Sadly, it […]

The Hills: The Paris Set Looks Nice

The Hills is FINALLY back after what seems like 2-decades and 3 Road Rules/Real World Challenges. This time around we pick up where we left off the last time…with Lauren and Whitney heading to Paris for the Korean/Crayon Ball. Heidi ditched the sunny LA lifestyle for Crested Butte and her horse. And Audrina just continued […]

Audrina Naked for Playboy??

Holy tats, teef, and tits Batman! Aurina may look dead in the eyes, but her boobs are alert and possibly smiling. Apparently when Audrina graduated from High School (I need to see proof with a diploma) she took some test-shots to audition for Playboy. She put on some pilgrim shoes, a school-girl skirt and let […]