"Oregon Trail" Predicts How "The Hills" Cast Will Die

Walk with me, my friends, as IBBB mixes two of his favorite things in life: The Hills and Oregon Trail. If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what horrible diseases the cast from The Hills would die from and, well, I’m here to provide you those answers. So, get your oxen ready, buy some boxes […]

The Hills Season Finale Preview. Yeah That’s Right, I’m Posting It.

It must be me just getting a little nostalgic that The Hills is coming to an end so I feel the need to cram in all things “Hills” related before the season finale. Hopefully you will all stick with me even whilst The Hills is off the air, but mostly because you know I’ll be […]

Stephanie Pratt Does Her Paparazzi Tour of Robertson Boulevard

Stephanie Pratt, and her Martha Washington hairdo, walked up and down the very quiet and secretive Robertson Boulevard in LA the other day to do a little low-key shopping. What a true surprise that the paparazzi were there to take her picture. Very unexpected. Stephanie shopped in American Apparel (which is a store that sells […]

The Hills is Giving Out Spinoffs Like Oprah Gives Away Cars. Kelly CUNTrone Gets Her Own Show!

Ok so it may not be an official spinoff, but I don’t care, it will always be a Hills spinoff to me. (Insert best Oprah impersonation, which I do a mean one..by the way) Everybody gets a spinofffffffff! You get a spinoff and you get a spinoff and you get a spinoff and you get […]

It’s Voting Day! Make a Difference in What Really Matters…

Today, as you know, is a very important day in our lives. It’s a day we vote. It’s the day we vote for Heidi Montag’s fakest feature! Uh, what did you think I was talking about? So is it her boobs? Her nose? Her lips? I mean, really, the sky is the limit! So take […]

Looks Like Someone Shared Her Teeth Whitening Kit!

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that our favorite skank-bags from The Hills can’t share their creative costumes and minds with us. Lauren clearly borrowed Audrina’s teeth whitening kit so that she could come alive in her festive flapper costume. However, all the Halloween makeup in the world can’t seem to hide my […]

The Hills According to Me and The Hills the Lost Scenes

Thanks to all you trash bags out there for the crapload of emails asking me about The Hills Lost Scenes and “The Hills According to Me.” I loved The Hills Lost Scenes because I hadn’t realized just how fake the show has become. They used to have real conversations way back in the day and […]

Are Lauren and Heidi Friends Again? Check the Script.

The Hills Recaps! Click Here! Check Out Past Hills Recaps Here! If you don’t want to know if Lauren and Heidi and her new chin, new nose, new boobs, and new lips are friends again don’t continue reading. IBBB could just be tricking you. Perhaps Lauren is only friends with Heidi’s new lips and not […]

Spoiler Alert: Everything is F’n Staged.

Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to know anything that happens in future crapisodes of The Hills do not look at this picture of Lauren walking up the street with her ex-boyfriend Jason. I repeat, do not look at the picture of Lauren wearing a checkered lumberjack/Lindsay Lohan flannel shirt and her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, […]

No Fair! I Want to Have Myspace Fights With Lauren and Audrina!

I would just like to say that one of the best decisions I ever made was to buy the domain http://www.justinbobby.com/ a while ago when J Bob first made an appearance on The Hills. The $10.00 investment was clearly worth it as J Bob never seems to be out of The Hills spotlight. Moving on, […]

You Know What? I Don’t Want to See the Slaughtered Cow on the Wall, Why Would I Want to See This?

Unless this is their obituary photo, I don’t want to see it. Heidi and Steve Sanders, from The Hills, are now hanging from the wall at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, “Cut.” It’s not as promising as it sounds. Their pictures are hanging there, not them themselves. Ugh. Better luck next time. Seriously the last thing I […]

So Who Saw That “Hills” Recap 16 Times Over the Weekend?

Anyone see that Top 10 Hills Moments on MTV over the weekend? Obviously it’s not scenes that we haven’t seen 15 times, but this time around they had some people commentating on the episodes. This is what I would like to talk about. Seriously? Where did they get some of these people and why were […]

LC and LOser Do Something, Technically.

I’m not so good with words. What’s the definition of “irony?” Is that the same as “ironic?” I believe so. Anyhills, Lauren Cockring and LOser Bosworthless were at the “Do Something Awards” which are a pre-party to the Teen Choice Awards. If, like me, you’re wondering what any of those things are, you’re old. Lauren […]

Operation Sellout: IBBB is Part of The Hills Q&A Over at MTV

Ah kids. As I promised in last weeks post of finding new ways to sellout in year 3 of IBBB I have not disappointed. Well, maybe a little. Yours truly (that would be me) has left my footprint on The Hills. IBBB was contacted by the MTV blog to answer some questions in my typical […]

Yes! We Finally Have a Strategy on How to Smoke Bin Landen Out of the Hole He’s Hiding in! Heidi and Spencer are Going to Iraq!

Please don’t stop the war yet! Just give it a little more time! Trust me, you’ll thank me later troops! Heidi and Spencer have surprisingly strayed away from Us Weekly and told Extra that Heidi plans on going over to the Middle East and “perform” for the troops. No joke. Haven’t these troops suffered enough? […]

Thanks to Heidi Montag I Know Who I’m Voting For!!!!!

Who has time to listen to the issues that the presidential candidates are talking about? Certainly not me. I mean, I have television to watch. Well, finally there is an easy way for me to decide just who I’ll be voting for come November! The Hills skank, Heidi Montag was photographed having lunch with John […]

Yay! A Heidi Spencer Murder Suicide?!

Alarming statistics show that those who own guns are 55% more likely to have an accidental deadly shooting in their own home than those who don’t own guns. Well if Heidi owns a gun and Spencer owns a gun, isn’t that like an over 100% chance that these two clowns are going to “accidentally” kill […]

Lauren Conrad’s Boobs, Just Because

Everyone’s favorite “Hills” pain in the arse was all boobs and drunk eyes while leaving Coco de Ville just the other night. The Hills and boobs all in one blog post!?! I believe I just hit tilt on the “Awesome-O-Meter.” And that meter does exist, by the way. I think LC is sending a message […]

This is the Lauren Conrad I Like

Gas prices aren’t the only thing that went up when I saw this picture. Oh snap! Lauren Conrad recently showed us all what a big independent girl she is by pumping her own gas in high heels and a little messy hair. Now this is the Lauren Conrad I love. She isn’t saying anything and […]

Audrina Buys Stuff Off Her Rack

Audrina, her teeth, and her rack were all out shopping yesterday at DDCLAB in LA. There’s not really much to talk about with Audrina, but I’m wondering if Tori Spelling is wondering who stole her 90’s boobs? While at DDCLAB, Audrina and her rack bought a bunch of bikinis and some dresses. While leaving the […]