The Funniest Hills Recaps Ever

We will never forget our love for all things "The Hills." Read through our favorite Hills recaps of all time!

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The Hills Recap: Heidi’s Drunk Fake Ass Gets Fake Fired from Fake Bolthouse. I’m Drunk Too!

Finally The Hills crapisode I’ve been waiting for every day for the past 7 days! In order to celebrate Heidi being a fake drunken skanked out mess and getting faux-fired from Crackhouse, I’ve decided to watch this crapisode of The Hills will a very nice beer buzz that’s slowly turning itself into drunken-city! Watching The […]

The Hills Recap: Brandy Adds Color to the Cast

Remember how much you loved playing Super Mario Brothers and you would play all the time and you were so excited when Super Mario Brothers 2 came out in stores and you would call Toys R Us 20 times per day seeing if they had it in yet and they were always sold out and […]

The Hills: The Douche Bag Bunch Goes to Cabo. Ole!

I believe we’re halfway through the latest season of The Hills and to catch everyone up, not much is going on. I mean, episodes are happening and a lot of eye movements and facial expressions are happening, but that’s about all. Here’s what went down on the latest crapisode of The Hills: Woo hoo! Gas […]

The Hills Recap: Audrina’s Boobs Soak in the Pool. Justin Soaks His Bobby.

Not that any of them are that good, but this crapisode of The Hills is the worst one yet. The actual 11 minutes episode felt like 2 hours and those two tools from The After Show only made it worse. Who the hell lives in Canada anyway? There, I said it. Here’s what made me […]

The Hills Recap: Who Wrote Heidi’s Letter Because It Wasn’t Heidi

Let me first say that from 10-10:30 I had to flip back and forth between The Hills and the Red Sox game last night. The GREAT news is that the Sox won! The bad news is that I had to watch The Hills crapisode again to see what I missed. Watching two times in a […]

The Hills Recap: Darlene Montag Totally Sweats Spencer

My fellow Americans (sorry Canada) I address you today as our economy has hit tilt on the “Oh-Shit-o-Meter,” the stock market is literally in the toilet and covered with that blue stuff that makes your water a nice color, and my 401K is basically at $0.14. The good news is that I’m not entirely sure […]

The Hills Recap: Even While Lauren’s in Italy, Douchebaggery Will Ensue

Similar to the Three’s Company episodes where Chrissy Snow would be “visiting her aunt in the mountains” and, therefore, would barely appear in the episode, Lauren Cockring is heading out of the country and the rest of the cast is tasked with carrying the show. Will LOser and Audrina exchange awkward blank stares? Will Heidi’s […]

The Hills Recap: Nothing Happens. No Really, Nothing. Well, Actually, There Was an Old Lady Eating a Salad in the Background in One Scene.

Does anyone else feel like The Hills commercials that we see are basically the entire episode itself? The rest of what we see on Monday night is just boring filler. HOlly Ethel Mertz Montag tells Steve Sanders and Heidi that she may want to see Lauren and we are all shocked that Steve Sanders isn’t […]

The Hills Recap: Lauren Cries Ugly

Ok so it finally hit me. Finally. I was watching The Hills and kept on trying to figure out who HOlly Montag reminded me of. Of course! The answer was with me the whole time! She is totally Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Anymertz, […]

The Hills: The Douche-Bag Bunch Go to Vegas!

So The Hills decided to sneak attack us and show an extra crapisode right before the VMAs. Nice work, MTV, you have officially sucked me in for the full night. Whilst I typically like to follow the teachings of Jesus and rest on the Sabbath, I find myself cracking open the laptop (or craptop) and […]

The Hills: The One Where IBBB Recapped It Late

Like a 17 year old cheerleader who thinks she may be pregnant since she missed her period, this recap is better late than never. As you know I was in LA for almost a week hunting down Lohan. No luck with that. I did, however, score a one-on-one interview with Chelsea Handler, which I will […]

The Hills: Stephanie’s Birthday Looked Like It Sucked. Just Sayin.

Bad news guys. I didn’t get to watch The Hills last night because I ended up watching the Democratic National Convention. Psych! Just kidding. I don’t care who wins President as long as they don’t take The Hills off the air….because that’s what I assume President’s are responsible for. I’m not even sure who’s running. […]

The Hills: Audrina and Lo’s 60 Second Fight

Cue the applause, cue the applause. The Hills is BACK! Applause, applesauce, applesauce, applause! Not only is today IBBB’s birthday, but it’s Hills recap day too. It’s like Santa planned my birth specific to this momentous day. I was a little surprised that the Season 4 premiere was only 30 minutes, but I guess tool […]

26 More Sleeps Until The Hills Season 4 Starts!

It’s like The Hills is on just for me. Just 26 more sleeps until the new season of The Hills starts, which makes it air on August 18th, which means it’s the night before my birthday, which means that my Hills Tuesday Recap will take place on my birthday….which means I’ll be even more of […]

The Hills: Season 3 Finale

Oh Hills. Why have you forsaken me? What am I supposed to do now that you are over until August? I didn’t really plan on spending the summer without you. I feel my emotions of last nights episode of The Hills can best be described in song (Kenny Rogers, ‘Through the Years’): I can’t remember […]

The Hills: Does Audrina Move Out?

Well we’re at the second to last crapisode of The Hills and all is not right for The Hills gang. This latest episode is basically like a 30 minute commercial as we get to see Audrina push her new band, Heidi push Bolthouse, and Lauren and Lo push Petco. All in all, I’m buying all […]

The Hills: Stephen is Back, Pointlessly

Reunited and it feels so good. Hot glue your cheap looking hair extensions to your scalp and grab your red keg cups because it’s Laguna Beach reunion night on The Hills! Stephen Colletti is going to be swinging by the set of The Hills to party it up with LC, Lo, and the rest of […]

The Hills: Welcome Back Justin Bobby!

Click Here for Past Hills RecapsClick Here To Become MYSPACE Friends With IBBB! To Justin Bobby: Thanks For Everything, ImBringingBloggingBack. Justin Bobby is back en la casa and The Hills just got interesting again. My only question is that once Justin Bobby and Audrina start hanging out again will Lauren hit Audrina with a closed […]

The Hills: Girls Night Out and Relationship Vacation!

Full URL For This RecapClick Here for Past Hills RecapsClick Here To Become MYSPACE Friends With IBBB! Finally, The Hills is back to a 30 minute crapisode. The hour-long double crapisode was too much to handle, especially when the second crapisode was usually all about Whitney. Anyway, this week we get to see if Lauren […]

The Hills: Operation Win Heidi Back

It’s another double episode of The Hills and I have to admit I’m not really into the hour long committment. I’d rather a 30 minute episode and have them extend the season by a few weeks. This, my friends, is reason #1,547 why I am a loser. Moving on, in this creature double-feature we really […]