“The City” is Not Being Canceled. You Hear Me? NEVER!

Join Me on “The Facebook.”  You’ll Love It! I don’t even know if that was a complete sentence or if the copper wires in my brain are getting tangled, but some sh*it-bum website tried to ruin my day by saying that The City is being canceled at the conclusion of this season.  Oh, and by […]

Love Letters from Erin Kaplan

Well, well, well.  I must admit when I first saw the email from Erin Kaplan of “The City” fame, I immediately assumed it was some type of electronic restraining order or one of those pesky “slander” lawsuits.  No joke, when I first saw it I was like, “Oh crap.”  That’s usually the reaction I have […]

Roxy Olin and Jesse Metcalf Because That Makes Sense

Don’t think I didn’t immediately spot you, Roxy Olin.  Like a high pitched whistle that only a dog can hear, I can spot a cast-member from an MTV reality show  even faster than I can find Waldo.  For most it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but for me it’s like shooting side-eyes in […]

Each One Represents My Facial Expressions While Watching an Episode of “The City”

Whitney, Roxy, and some dude who I will pretend is really Jay suffering from anorexia, were spotted shooting some last minute scenes for “The City” in the West Village of NYC yesterday.  Seriously I’m outside every day (at least once), why do I never see Whitney…ever?  I bet they just shoot on a sound stage […]

Well Look What the Scripted Cat Dragged In!

I guess there’s no reason to watch the next episode of The City because the photo above is showing that Whitney and Ozzy Bobby are still together.  I’m going to take it an assumption further.  It looks like these two are married.  It looks like Ozzy Bobby is impregnating Whitney as they walk out from […]

"The City" Makes Their "Own" Elle Magazine Jessica Alba Cover. Kudos to the Props Department!

Fool me 17 times shame on you.  Fool me 4,347 times shame on me (and a little shame on you too, still).  Look, it’s not like we don’t know that The City and The Hills script the shit out of their episodes.  Fine, they “coach” the shit out of their episodes.  But, this may be […]

Live Blogging The City! I Rule!

IBBB is live blogging The City!  Lucky you!  Feel free to comment here as the crapisode is shown.  We’re like a big happy family, aren’t we?

The City Recap: The Editing Machine is Already Broken. Plus, I Still Want to Play Dirty Games with Olivia.

Yes, my photoshopping skill level has officially hit “tilt.” Well the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. Nope, not world peace. I’m talking about the season premiere of The City. Within the first few minutes we really get to learn a lot about how this season will go. First off, The […]

Olivia Palermo from The City…..Peace Out Lauren!

Ugh! Stalking people is absolutely exhausting! After seeing a craptastic pukeview of Whitney’s new reality show, “The City” I immediately fell in love with a new “character” who had about 4 seconds of airtime. There haven’t been sweeter words ever whispered than “Hi, I’m Olivia.” After I picked up my perverted jaw I immediately took […]

Whitney Shoots Scenes for “The City.” What is She DoinK?

Ugh. Looks like the producers/creators of Whitney’s new Hills spinoff, “The City” are already giving up. You know how on The Hills now they don’t even bother shooting scenes of Heidi in her “actual” office because they know we don’t believe she works there? They just have her sit in the lobby and they’re like […]

Whitney Port Does “The City.” Or Is it “CitK?”

Thanks to the millions of emails alerting me that Whitney’s new Hills spinoff called “The City” has offically been picked up and will air towards the beginninK of the Spring. Really? The City? What ideas got shot down before that title was agreed on? What a real craptastic treat it will be for me to […]