The City Recap: Is Olivia in a Different Show?

There are a lot of things going on in the city, just not in the show “The City.”  Even my favorite part of the entire episode, the opening credits, has been cut down to about 5 seconds.  Thanks for taking the best part away from me.  Here’s what went down on The City or La […]

The City Recap: AKA – The Hills Season 2

The City is back on MTV and this time around it’s taking a different approach than it did last season.  What change, you ask?  Well, first off it followed the formula of another show you may have heard me mention before.  It’s called “The Hills.”  Specifically, season 2 of The Hills.  By this I mean, […]

The City Recap: Season Finale or Bust…or Dirt Nap. I'll Take a Busted Dirt Nap.

IBBB Housekeeping Item:  Join me on Facebook!  You’ll Likely Regret It! Well gang, get out all your eye rolls and dead stares now because it’s officially the last crapisode of The City for the season.  Sleepy Time Allie can finally get the rest she needs.   I’d like to spoon with her…and by spoon, I really […]

The City Recap: Whitney and Jay Break Up, Olivia Blows the Meeting (and not in the good way), I Die a Little More Inside

It’s date night for Ozzy Bobby and Adam.  The Ernie and Bert of our generation is at the movies snacking on popcorn and chit-chattin’ about Ozzy Bobby and his band going on “tour” and not telling Whitney yet.  They’re about two sentences away from braiding each others hair and putting fake makeup on their My […]

The City Recap: So, Uh, Whitney's Not Knockin' Boots (Do "the Kids" Still Say "Knockin' Boots?")

I would just like to say that I am in no way being paid to blog The City.  I say that because I feel like I should be.  I should be paid to watch this horror for 22 minutes once/per week.  I feel like doing this free-of-charge will help secure me into Sainthood once I […]

The City Recap: Miami Just Got Douchier

Where to begin?  Where to begin?  As much as I like to throw “Sleepy Time” Allie/Vicky the Robot under the blogging bus on a weekly basis, I kinda think that she saved this episode for me.  I mean, watching her “model” brought new meaning to my life, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  […]

The City Recap: Christmas, New Years, Jesus.

*Thanks to everyone who took part in the live blogging/chat last night on IBBB during The City.  It was good times!  We should do it again sometime. Gas up the snow machine and leave out some cookies for Cutrone Claus because it’s the “A Very City Christmas” episode of The City and since there’s not […]

The City Recap: Mr Butler (Olivia's Dog) is the Best Part of the Show. Spinoff, Please!

Programming Note:  Please join IBBB next Monday night as I will be live blogging/Twittering “The City.”  That’s right, live.  This is sure to be an absolute disaster, but come to IBBB on Monday night at 10pm EST and you’ll be able to comment as I’m live blogging/Twittering.  Sounds tedious.  See you then!  Oh, and sign […]

The City Recap: Kelly Cutrone and Her Birthday Saves the Show!

All hail! Blessed Mother Kelly CUNTrone is back to save and bless The City! Now I know I’ve tee’d off on Kelly ever since The Hills, but the truth is I love her. Oh, and she is clearly the most talented person on The City….or just in life in general. Plus, I bet she’d wanna […]

The City Recap: Olivia and Whitney Have a Sassoff! What Was Whitney ThinkinK?

Hey all (or y’all) – sorry this recap is late. As you know I’m in the process of having this little site designed and was supposed to relaunch yesterday. Well that didn’t happen. The site is ready, but just doesn’t work….meaning I can’t upload anything new to it. So, yeah, that’s a problem. Oh, and […]

The City Recap: Bangs, Hats, and the Kiss Heard Around the World

Today, my dear Americans, there is change in the air. No, I’m not talking about the inauguration of Obama as President. I am, of course, talking about a the addition of “Allie” into the cast of The City. Hopefully she’s only making a cameo because, after watching this crapisode, I may have to stop watching […]

The City Recap: Whitney's 25 Second Lunch Date with Chris from Accounting Made Me Want to Turn in My US Citizenship

What perfect timing for the naked Whitney Port pictures to pop up on the Interwebsations! Before we get into the recap of The City lets discuss the fact that Whitney was being filmed in Miami going into the ocean with her microphone on and wires in her bikini. Next thing you know, Hurricane Kelly Cutrone […]

The City Recap: Whitney Goes Apartment HuntinK!

Before we even get into the “lack of episode” that took place last night on The City, let’s discus the opening credits. First, is it normal that as soon as I hear that cow bell during the opening my stomach starts to turn? Sometimes there’s more excitement during the opening credits than there’s in the […]

The City Recap: The Editing Machine is Already Broken. Plus, I Still Want to Play Dirty Games with Olivia.

Yes, my photoshopping skill level has officially hit “tilt.” Well the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. Nope, not world peace. I’m talking about the season premiere of The City. Within the first few minutes we really get to learn a lot about how this season will go. First off, The […]