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Teen Mom Recap: Mother’s Day For the Rich and the Poors

It’s the Mother’s Day episode for everyone on Teen Mom and I’m back again this week! Thanks for all the Facebook messages you sent me (click here to follow me on Facebook)/hate mail for deciding to watch the presidential debate instead last week.  Let’s get right into it! Amber – For reasons that no one […]

Teen Mom Recap: Loose Lips Skank Ships

  Farrah – Looks like someone may be gearing up for their next ‘accidental’ celebrity sex tape because Farrah inflated her lips up a couple of thousands notches.  Everyone has been freaking out on my Facebook page last night (click here to follow me!) about how big they are, but I say they’re not big […]

Teen Mom Recap: Like Santa Claus, Amber’s Cellmate Nicole is Coming to Town

Another week, another Teen Mom in crisis.  This week we all get to attend Amber’s 26th surprise party, blame a pig for a breakdown, and awkwardly sit in a boat with Farrah and Simon.  Let me know what you think by joining me on my Facebook page (click here!). Sure it’s a shameless plug, but […]

Teen Mom OG: The One Where Easter Exploded and a Pig Caused a Breakdown

Some people are sick of Teen Mom, but not me.  Nope. I say keep ’em coming.  I mean what else do I have going on?  This week we get to see Leah make Amber feel like the poop emoji, Cate decides to pig it up, Debra dresses like the Easter bunny (because I think she […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Heads to Boston!!!

Farrah – A lot may be going on in Farrah’s life, but that doesn’t mean she can’t find the time to get a colonoscopy and visit Daddy Derrick’s gravesite (again) on camera.  Because if it’s one thing we really need to know more about in regards to Farrah it’s her back door and how she […]

Teen Mom OG: The One Where Farrah Has 10 Jobs in One Episode

Well folks, Teen Mom OG is back!  Let’s just jump right into last night’s episode because you know how this all works.  Ole! Farrah – Everything is making complete sense in Farrah’s world.  Larry the producer is back in action and ready to film until his backdoor explodes apparently because Farrah has ordered a Port-a-Potty […]

Being Butch Recap: Butch Loves Coke More Than Tyler & I Love Butch More Than Life

Well apparently MTV is just taking requests from me at this point.  Last week we had the second coming of Christ in the “Being Barbara” special and now we have “Being Butch.”  While I’m putting things out there to MTV, how about:  Being Suzi (on a bender) or Being Janet (Jo’s mom) or Being Debra […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Brings Out the Tears, Brings Out the Funk

Jenelle – Oh hi, Jenelle.  This week Jenelle gives a fully thought-out presentation to her lawyer on the 5 steps she’s planning on taking to get Jace back.  I’m kidding, she basically tried to figure out ways to use her son to get criminal charges dropped against her so she can get into that glorious […]

Teen Mom Recap: The One Where Farrah Learns How to Assault from Debra

After the flu last week, both Teen Mom and I are back!  And look at that…just in time for the season finale.  Ole! Farrah – Things are really looking like they’re on the up and up for Farrah and Farrah’s frozen face-o-horror.  First off, Simon is back!  I mean, that man can certainly take a beating! […]

Teen Mom Recap: The One Where Baby Goop Gets in Trouble

Was my television possessed by el diablo last night?  There was only one commercial shown every 5 minutes and then the show ended at 10:40.  Personally I loved it.  Although I wet my pants twice due to lack of bathroom time. Either way, it was a real win-win. More:  Watch the Insanity That is Beyonce’s […]

Teen Mom Recap: I Mean, Who Doesn’t Have 7 Kids in 7 Different States?!

It’s another victorious episode of Teen Mom and by “victorious” I mean, “35 minutes of commercials and two chronic ugly cries.”  Let’s dig into it.  Giggity. Farah – You know who loves her mother and father?  Farrah.  I know it’s hard to see her love as her face is filled with poison and she suffers […]

Teen Mom Recap: The Wedding of the Century

Catelynn – It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, I assume.  It’s Cate and Tyler’s wedding day!  Well, they have to have the rehearsal first.  It’s at a castle.  Everyone is wearing shorts and tank tops of sorts.  The wind has been let out of Butch’s sail because Tyler had to let him know […]

Teen Mom Recap: So Many Ugly Cries So Little Time

More:  Like This Teen Mom Recap?  Join Me Here on Facebook! Farrah – Death is never an easy topic to discuss, but luckily for us fans of Ye Ole Teenage Mother we get to chat about it typically upwards of 10 times per season and, well, last night was no different.  When Farrah gets a […]

Teen Mom Recap: Butch’s Extreme Hair Makeover

“White trash bus driver…Move That BUS!!!” Catelynn – As much as this show is about teenage mothers (?) let’s all just admit it’s really about Butch and company.  We’re just two or three episodes into the new season and MTV has finally gotten it right and made sure to focus on Butch as much as […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: The Butch is Back!

Well, well, well.  Well here we are again.  Looks like we all fell off the Teen Mom wagon and we come together to get the help we need.  Luckily IBBB is a trained professional who can get us through these difficult times.  I have no clue what I’m saying.  Either way, Teen Mom OG is […]

Teen Mom OG Reunion Part II: Get Your Team Farrah T-Shirts NOW!

Wipe your tears (and your bums) because it’s officially the last episode of the season.  I know.  It’s like a wise person once said; “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”  I mean, they really do pave paradise and put up a parking lot.  Anyway, we kick off part 2 of the reunion […]

Teen Mom OG Reunion Part One: Amber Gets Off the Couch

Just once I want the Teen Mom reunion to be like a Real Housewives reunion.  And by that I mean I want to see Dr. Drew in a prom gown.  I jest.  We all know that Dr Drew’s body rejects any outfit that isn’t a t-shirt and a blazer.  He’s basically a lesbian comedienne from […]

Teen Mom Season Finale: When Baby Goop Turns the Tables on Farrah

Well folks we finally made it.  It’s the end of the first season of Teen Mom OG (the “OG” of course standing for “Oh God Why Are There so Many Commercials?!”  The “WTASMC” are all silent).  Because it’s the season finale everything was wrapped up really well.  Spoiler Alert:  The whole season was just one […]

Teen Mom Recap: Fat Shaming and Busted Knuckles and Tomato Sauce Sales…Oh My!

You know who has a loving aura around her?  Farrah.  Between her sweet-as-pie face and the way she honors her mother on a regular basis, well, I hope we all have 10 kids just like her.  She’s like the “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial of our generation (#MadMen).  I’m kidding.  As […]

Teen Mom Recap: So Amber Got Engaged or Whatever

Are we already almost done with the season because it seems like they packed 25 things into this one episode…and by that I mean, Amber went from 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and everyone else was a snooze.  I assume this episode would begin with Amber being taken away in cuffs and Sully […]