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Teen Mom Recap: Butch Gets Visitors in Rehab and Writes Them a Story

Things just don’t seem the same on TMOG without Farrah screaming at everyone.  Alas, we move forward.  Here’s the highlights from what went down last night on Teen Mom. Catelynn – I love how it’s Visit a Butch at Rehab day in America.  I assume that’s like a national holiday.  Tyler and his sister Amber head […]

DebzOG Talks About Farrah’s Mental Problems and Why Michael is Trying to Blackmail Her

You know I love to sell out as much as the next person. Thanks to the Facebook Show ‘Shot Topics’ I get to do this all the live-long day with all my favorite reality stars.   Well this time around I got to throw back some drinks with Debra Danielsen (from Teen Mom, of course) and […]

Teen Mom OG: The One Where We See Farrah Getting Fired

Farrah – Last time on a very special Teen Mom OG (not the actual) Morgan Freeman and some other producers were about to storm the house Farrah is living in squalor in, very dramatically, and I’m very nervous. I almost feel like Farrah knows a little bit that the jig is up because she’s almost being […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Before Farrah Gets Fired, She Gets Sophia’s Set Teacher Fired

Farrah – The way Farrah looks for real estate is pretty much the same way she does everything else.  Oddly.  She wants to look at a home in LA she’s interested in, but didn’t make it to the open house so she just showed up to the house, with a camera crew, rang the bell and […]

So THIS is What Led Up to Farrah Being Fired from Teen Mom?!

Farrah – How come almost every scene with Farrah involves a cooking class or a unicorn?  I was getting a bit bored until the scene with Debz OG popped up where she had to call Dr. David so he could wish her a happy birthday. He pretty much cut her off, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’d’ her to […]

Teen Mom Recap: Farrah and Jenelle Team Up to Ruin Debra’s Wedding

Farrah –  News of Debz upcoming wedding is really making the rounds.  So much so that Jenelle apparently called Farrah (can you imagine how that call went?!) to let her know that Debra invited Jenelle’s ex-husband, Cortland, to her wedding.  I’m a little offended I never made the final guest list, but I don’t have a […]

Catelynn is Pregnant and Tyler (and Everyone Else) is Shocked

  Farrah — This trip to Italy is really never ending but, let’s just be clear, they saved the best for last.  Farrah and Debz decide to head out to an Italian karaoke bar because, sure, why not. I mean, it makes sense since there’s just basically one country left that doesn’t hate us.  The karaoke […]

Saint Amber Portwood is With Child (The Teen Mom Recap)

Amber – Since Ambjikistan spent last episode chasing chickens with Leah, that’s enough time needed so she and her new boyfriend, Dom DeLuise, are heading to Hawaii for a little vacation so (in their words) they can think about Leah and then send her a gift.  So that’s cool.  Is it just me or does Dom […]

Teen Mom Recap: DebzOG Wedding is in Full Swing (sort of) and the Invitation is Confusing

Farrah – You know what always makes me cringe, besides Farrah’s burnt red weave, is when Debra still talks in the baby voice to Baby Goop.  When she shows up the hotel room to “hand deliver” her wedding invitation she basically baby talks Goop into a coma.  I get that it’s cute when they’re, you know, […]

Teen Mom OG: Cate and Ty Want to Buy Back iCarly

Is it just me or was anyone else hoping this would be the Christmas episode of Teen Mom OG?  Sometimes I dream that Butch would be dressed as Santa, April would be Mrs. Claus and Brandon and Theresa are, of course, The Grinch (you know, since they basically stole Carly from Cate and Ty).  Anyway, […]

Teen Mom Recap: Is Ryan Back to His Old Ways?

Farrah – Pack the extra hair extensions (that we can always see the tracks on) because Farrah is heading overseas for a spell and needs to drop Baby Goop with anyone who hasn’t had rabies before and may know their way around an Epi-pen.  But first, she wants to spend as much time with Sophia as […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Yes, Farrah’s Dad and Dr. David Got Into a Street Fight

Teen Mom OG is back!  I added the “!” because I wasn’t sure if the eye-rolling emoji would translate here.  Anyway, here we go. Once again I’m grateful to the trash boxes at MTV who made the decision to break the 4th wall and allow part of the show to be about, you know, actually […]

20 Times Farrah ‘Ugly Cried’ That We’re Obsessed With

Whether you love her, hate or, or hate to love her Farrah doing her signature “ugly cry” really is the gift that keeps on giving. Here we take a walk down memory lane and take a gander at some of Farrah’s best ugly cries of all time.  Some are pre-face work, while others look like […]

Chelsea From Teen Mom 2 is Going Off on Twitter About Fake Scenes (Fake News?)

Chelsea isn’t playing when it comes to crafty editing on Teen Mom 2 and she’s taken to “The Twitter” to voice her concerns over a bunch of her scenes this season.  Now I’m never really one who cares too much about the editing of a reality show because, well, reality show, but even I was scratching my head […]

17 Things to Buy the Biggest Teen Mom Fan You Know

Because we all could use a little extra Teen Mom stuff around the house.  Whether you’re the biggest Teen Mom fan or know the biggest Teen Mom fan, we’ve compiled some of the best TM2 and Teen Mom OG gifts and products, so far, this season. Oh, and if you like Barb and Jenelle you’re certainly […]

Teen Mom OG Season Finale: Seriously What Drugs Was Ryan On?!

  Farrah – Ugh, the “family vacation” continues to be as terrible as we all knew it would be.  David continues on his tour of “Farrah is a nightmare and I refuse to interact with her on camera” even when everyone wants to go kayaking.  What fun.  Debra asks him if he wants to go and […]

Teen Mom Recap: Sophia Takes “Acting Lessons” Because, Yes, This is All Really Happening

  Farrah –  Austin, Texas can collectively breathe a sigh of relief, because Farrah is getting out of Dodge and setting her sights on Los Angeles, CA!  What a treat for the west coast!  Oh, and she’s bringing Baby Goop with her just in case you were wondering. Remember that time she was going to […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: The Gang Takes a Puerto Rican Vacation Together. Ok.

I tell ya, MTV just keeps making my life better and better.  Do you know how much easier it is to recap an episode where everyone is basically in the same scenes?  I mean, minus Farrah as the rest of the gang is still pretending she’s with Jesus.  Anyway, it’s Cate’s birthday and she and […]

Teen Mom Recap: Hypnotize Me to Stop Watching This

Farrah – When all is said and done, I have no clue what really is going on with Farrah.  Just when I think she’s starting to make sense (i.e, buying  a mini horse and not having sex with it) she decides that it only makes the most sense to go into hypnotherapy with Debra so they can work […]

Teen Mom Recap: The Episode Where All the Fun Happens

Farrah – Grab your protective shields and put yourself in lockdown because it’s Baby Goop’s 8th birthday!  This year the theme is “Princess” and Farrah wants everyone over to her house of “non-negativity” because, well, she’s filming a TV show and it just makes sense.  Michael ends up meeting up with Farrah and Goop at lunch […]