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Teen Mom OG Recap: Yes, Farrah’s Dad and Dr. David Got Into a Street Fight

Teen Mom OG is back!  I added the “!” because I wasn’t sure if the eye-rolling emoji would translate here.  Anyway, here we go. Once again I’m grateful to the trash boxes at MTV who made the decision to break the 4th wall and allow part of the show to be about, you know, actually […]

The 86 Hottest Toys Your Kids Are Asking Santa For This Christmas

We’re talking the hottest toys for the upcoming Christmas holiday 2017.  Here’s everything you need to know to make sure Santa gets his act together! Ugh, it’s officially that time of year.  I mean, awesome it’s officially that time of year!  There are literally thousands of toys your kids are going to be screaming into […]

20 Times Farrah ‘Ugly Cried’ That We’re Obsessed With

Whether you love her, hate or, or hate to love her Farrah doing her signature “ugly cry” really is the gift that keeps on giving. Here we take a walk down memory lane and take a gander at some of Farrah’s best ugly cries of all time.  Some are pre-face work, while others look like […]

Chelsea From Teen Mom 2 is Going Off on Twitter About Fake Scenes (Fake News?)

Chelsea isn’t playing when it comes to crafty editing on Teen Mom 2 and she’s taken to “The Twitter” to voice her concerns over a bunch of her scenes this season.  Now I’m never really one who cares too much about the editing of a reality show because, well, reality show, but even I was scratching my head […]

17 Things to Buy the Biggest Teen Mom Fan You Know

Because we all could use a little extra Teen Mom stuff around the house.  Whether you’re the biggest Teen Mom fan or know the biggest Teen Mom fan, we’ve compiled some of the best TM2 and Teen Mom OG gifts and products, so far, this season. Oh, and if you like Barb and Jenelle you’re certainly […]

Teen Mom OG Season Finale: Seriously What Drugs Was Ryan On?!

  Farrah – Ugh, the “family vacation” continues to be as terrible as we all knew it would be.  David continues on his tour of “Farrah is a nightmare and I refuse to interact with her on camera” even when everyone wants to go kayaking.  What fun.  Debra asks him if he wants to go and […]

Teen Mom Recap: Sophia Takes “Acting Lessons” Because, Yes, This is All Really Happening

  Farrah –  Austin, Texas can collectively breathe a sigh of relief, because Farrah is getting out of Dodge and setting her sights on Los Angeles, CA!  What a treat for the west coast!  Oh, and she’s bringing Baby Goop with her just in case you were wondering. Remember that time she was going to […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: The Gang Takes a Puerto Rican Vacation Together. Ok.

I tell ya, MTV just keeps making my life better and better.  Do you know how much easier it is to recap an episode where everyone is basically in the same scenes?  I mean, minus Farrah as the rest of the gang is still pretending she’s with Jesus.  Anyway, it’s Cate’s birthday and she and […]

Teen Mom Recap: Hypnotize Me to Stop Watching This

Farrah – When all is said and done, I have no clue what really is going on with Farrah.  Just when I think she’s starting to make sense (i.e, buying  a mini horse and not having sex with it) she decides that it only makes the most sense to go into hypnotherapy with Debra so they can work […]

Teen Mom Recap: The Episode Where All the Fun Happens

Farrah – Grab your protective shields and put yourself in lockdown because it’s Baby Goop’s 8th birthday!  This year the theme is “Princess” and Farrah wants everyone over to her house of “non-negativity” because, well, she’s filming a TV show and it just makes sense.  Michael ends up meeting up with Farrah and Goop at lunch […]

Teen Mom Recap: Free Butch! Free Starburst! Free Me!

Farrah –  So looks like Farrah did end up buying that mini horse for Baby Goop.  The producers want to stay outside and play with the horse and Goop instead of going inside and risking their lives talking to Farrah.  Eh, at least they get to have fun wearing shoe covers like they’re heading into surgery […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Farrah + Nanny Franny + Hate Crimes = True Love

Well, well, well, looks like we’re all back!  I missed last week as I was traveling, so let’s just pretend the first episode never happened.  Oh, also did you know I did a video with Debra last week?!  Check it out here.  We all drank beers, wine, and she talked smack about Maci and Barb. […]

Bigger Than Beyonce? Debz OG is Rapping (or Stroking Out) in Her New Video (VIDEO!?)

Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Humpty, I’m IBBB and she is now apparently Debz OG and, well, if you ever wondered exactly the final sign of the “End of Days” was you’re correct if you thought it was Trump becoming President, but you’re even more correct if you guessed it was Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielson, from […]

Teen Mom OG Reunion Recap: The One Where Amber Fights Farrah

I don’t always recap the Teen Mom reunion because it’s a lot of same/same from the season, but today I’m here for the good old classic fighting between Marilyn Monroe and the Real-Life Glow Worm.  Oh, you probably know them best as “Amber” and “Farrah.”  I sometimes forget you guys aren’t in my head.  Either […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Meet Debra’s Online Boyfriend, THE Kenny Rogers!

It’s the season finale of Teen Mom OG.  How could it already be over?  It seems like the season just started 72 weeks ago.  Alas, here we are.  Thanks for reading, sharing with your Facebook friends, and helping me to continue to sell out each and every week!  Let’s get to it. Farrah – I guess […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Save Debra! Free Sophia! Save Debra! Free Sophia!

Farrah – It’s Baby Goop’s first day of second grade and she’s up, dressed, and ready to terrorize kids her own age, which is a nice change of pace. I wonder if she’ll bring weeds from the highway for Show & Tell day? Time will tell…and, er, show I guess.  Per usual, Debra and Farrah fight […]

Teen Mom OG Recap: Farrah’s Furniture Store – 200 Things You Need to Know

Farrah – It’s another week and another episode where Farrah drags Baby Goop to the highway to talk about Daddy Derrick, but this time there’s a surprise.  Apparently Daddy Derrick’s family adopted a mile of highway in Derrick’s name so now there’s a giant sign where Farrah and Baby Goop can take pictures in front of. […]

Teen Mom Recap: Farrah Fires Kiana and I Fire Life

Farrah – It’s basically day 2 of FroCo and Farrah’s employee Kiana is having a real hard time with the can-opener.  And you want to know who isn’t being so supportive?  Farrah.  She’s eye-rolling her way to freedom as Kiana finds herself in quite the pickle.  Luckily, Farrah gets to chat with Michael about this […]

MTV’s Teen Mom, Butch Baltierra, Arrested and Sent to Jail. No Comment From April.

We are heartbroken to hear reports that your favorite Teen Mom sidekick, Butch, was recently arrested and reportedly spent time back in the slammer for driving with a suspended license.  According to recent reports, Butch plead guilty back in September to driving with a suspended license, but we haven’t received confirmation if Butch was driving […]

If Gary Doesn’t Wear His ‘Dad Bod’ T-Shirt to Farrah’s FroCo Grand Opening, Then Life Isn’t Real

  Farrah – It’s almost the grand opening of FroCo and the poor girls who have to work the counter are now being trained by Farrah on all things social media and how to take picture of ice cream cones.  Seems like she missed the part where she tells them they’ll get more ‘likes’ if they […]