50+ Teen Mom 2 Recaps, Episode Guides and Constant Yelling from Barb


Get all caught up on your favorite Teen Mom trash-bags like Jenelle, Leah (y'all!), Chelsea (her orange head) and Kail (minus her chin).

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Teen Mom 2 Season Finale: Arrested! Engaged 19 Times, Prostitution Whore! Oh, Wait.

What a sad night around the offices of IBBB.  I’d like to end this season with a snippet of a song I’d like to dedicate to Barb.  Please sing to the tune of Ebony and Ivory: Barb Evans and IBBB live together in perfect harmony Same old blue shirt and my keyboard, lil b*tch, why […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Bustin’ Balls on Minimum Wage With Your Discover Card

Get Social:  Join Me! Jenelle – Trouble in paradise already?  The Lucy and Ricky of our generation are already starting to get into some serious fights because of all the pressure that they’re under.  No, I’m not talking about the fact that they are basically homeless, stole credit cards, or look like trash box’s on […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: White Trash with Black Trash Bags

Be Social: Join IBBB! Jenelle – Go fist (pump) yourself because Thelma and Louise are on the open road going from Barb’s safe haven of horror to sunny New Jersey.  Oh, and did I mention that Jenelle was being the best “little b*tch of a daughtaah’ she could be and stole Barb’s credit card for […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Suzi, the Unsung Skittish Hero!

Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! Jenelle – Me gusta mi favorita teenage mother “La Jenelle.”  That’s Spanish for “Trash is here!”  Jenelle and Kieffah are spending a romantic day at the beach discussing how they’ve never been apart since that day that Jenelle drunkenly met him at a porch party.  I remember when she […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: High, High, Yaw Both High and Smokin’ Weeeeed in Front of My House!

Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! Jenelle – Lawdy hallelujah and we’re off!  Times they-are-a-tough for Jenelle and Kieffah, the Lucy and Desi of our generation, because even though Jenelle got her financial aid check and is working it’s still not going to be enough to rent her Barbie dream home that she’s always wanted […]

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle’s Master Plan Thanks to the US Department of Education and Sallie Mae!

Get Social:  Join Me! Oh.  Well hello there.  Anything new or out of the ordinary lately? Yeah, me either.  Oh, actually there is something.  I had a nice weekend in Boston.  Oh, and also about 1 million rabid Justin Bieber Teen Mom 2 fans sent me hate mail and death threats. It was quite nice.  […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: So Adam Was Totally Banging Megan, Right?

Get Social:  Join Me! Jenelle – Ho-hum, Jenelle has been kicked out of Barb’s casa de crazy once again (for being the “worst piece of sh*t mother”) so she’s stuck living with her friend in her living room where everyone just sits around looking dazed all whilst Kieffer strums away on the guitar.  It may […]

Teen Mom 2: Choose Your Own Adventure?

Well.  Hello (ahem) everyone.  How are (ahem) you?  Please, take a seat.  I have some sad/horrific (horrific: meaning, less than terrific whore news) news to share with you.  I’m currently in San Diego (that’s in California, just north of the United States and south of Tibet) and, well, would you believe that my hotel does […]

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle’s Neck Hickeys Means 6 More Weeks of Winter

Get Social: Join IBBB Jenelle – Well thank Santa Christ because we’re starting this shiz off on a brilliant note, which means that Jenelle is “goin’ out paaaahtyin’” Ole! She heads off to some sh*t-bums house where everyone already seems like they’re on a meth binge and suddenly, there he is. Keiffer. If there was […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: When Will They Be Adding Barb’s Blue Shirt to the Smithsonian?

I don’t feel guilt that I changed the channel during the President’s State of the Union Address to watch Teen Mom 2 as I’m already well aware that the economy is still in the crapper and the world, as we know, is two more snow storms away from self-imploding.  Yawn.  I have real problems to […]

Teen Mom 2: You Bettah Getta Lawyah!

Join Me on Facebook and Twitter! Here’s the deal.  I want to live in a world where only television shows about Barb Evans exists.  For me, she is the new “Jersey” craze.  I want middle-aged women with nun haircuts, horrible accents, and alcoholics fingers (and don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) to […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle and Her Mom, Barbara, Fight it Out Over What I Believe is an Internet Connection and a Wireless Router

Throw away your extra doses of Pitocin, hit up your trash claw with some WD40, and “sexy-dance” your ass off because Teen Mom is back!  Sure it’s not the same group of trash bags that we’re used to, but if anyone can save Teen Mom 2 it’s the new and refreshed draw-string trash bags, Jenelle […]

Teen Mom 2: Electric Boogaloo

Join Me on Facebook and The Twitter! Christmas has come early as the new cast of Teen Mom has been released.  At first when I discovered (via 14,000 emails) that Teen Mom 2 was not going to include Amber, Gary, Butch, April, Debra, her trash claw, and Farrah’s ugly cry I was really upset.  Devastated […]