50+ Teen Mom 2 Recaps, Episode Guides and Constant Yelling from Barb


Get all caught up on your favorite Teen Mom trash-bags like Jenelle, Leah (y'all!), Chelsea (her orange head) and Kail (minus her chin).

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Teen Mom 2: Prank Calling Suzi Cokeflake

Jenelle – Well tip your 40 because the relationship with Josh is over.  I guess moving in with someone whilst on meth (allegedly) after 15 minutes isn’t always the right decision to make.  I do find it hard to understand how someone couldn’t get along with Jenelle.  She is a ray of sunshine and happiness […]

Teen Mom Recap: Counting with Corey

How the hell long have I been gone for?  Do these girls still own their babies or have they given them up to kind white-folk in exchange for self-tanner contraptions and an endless supply of candy cigarettes? I hope everyone of you had a great Christmas and New Year. If there are other holidays during […]

Barbisms: The Best Barbara Evans Quotes

Let’s honor our beloved Barb Evans by looking at some of her best quotes since she’s entered our heart and changed out lives.  Someone please roll the “In Memoriam” music, NOW!  In honor of Barb, let’s have our IBBB Celebrity Twitter Bomb go to Jenelle this week.  Feel free to Tweet this little old blog […]

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Part 2: The Poors Typically Divorce Over Hot Dogs, Y’all!

First off, how beautiful is my photoshopping skills?  Barb has never looked more dapper and anorexic all at the same time, which really is the perfect mix.  Second off, since this is the last Teen Mom recap for a while let’s Celebrity Twitter Bomb this to Kelly Ripa by Tweeting this recap to @kellyripa – […]

Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Pirate Mike Lands a Hooters Girl!

Programming Note: We’re using this recap as another Celebrity Twitter Bomb.  Tweet this recap with @bravoandy and let him know about IBBB!  Just tweet this recap link: http://bit.ly/zXiEcN    to @bravoandy and @ibbb  Ole! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for and by “waiting for” I of course mean “casually yawning whilst giving a […]

Teen Mom 2 Season Finale: Who Gets Custody of the Puffy Leather Couch?

Jenelle – Welcome to the latest edition of “Fauxlebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and His Obsessive Need to Only Wear T-shirts Under His Blazer.”  It’s a working title.  That lil b*tch of a daughter, Jenelle, is living it up at “the ‘hab” and is ready to get her life back on track, but not before […]

Teen Mom 2: The One Where You Have to Tell Your Mom You Was a Slut, Y’all!

Jenelle – You gotta love an episode that kicks things off with a little b*tchfest between Barbarella and Jenelle!  Could they be fighting over the fact that they can barely afford their mortgage?  No.  Could they be fighting over the fact that Jace has ruined both of their lives?  Nope.  They’re simply fighting over where […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: I Ain’t Bath-ing No Babies!

Jenelle – Things are going really well for Jenelle ever since she moved out of Barb(ie)’s Dream House.  I, of course, am joking.  Her life is in absolute ruins.  Since she no longer lives with her loving, soothing, calming mother, Barb decides that she wants Jenelle to start paying child support.  Me gusta how they’re […]

Teen Mom 2: When Bad Hair Happens to Chinless Teens

Hey y’all it’s time for another episode of “The Night They Realized It’s Not Just For Peeing Anymore.”  In this episode all the girls come to the decision that it’s never too late for adoption and begin to fill out paperwork to get the ball rolling on becoming free-teens again.  I hope I didn’t spoil […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Cheese Puffs, the Walking Splints of West Virginia

Programming Note: Dear sweet baby Jesus and his teen mom Mary this was one long episode!  MTV decided to play a round of shenanigans  on me and air Teen Mom last night for two hours.  Two hours!  Therefore, I’ll do my best to remember everything, but the first person to say, “I can’t believe you […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Here Comes Corey Claus Right Down Trailer Park Lane!

Jenelle – Sometimes when your life is stormy you need a little calm.  You need a mustache with mangled teeth to provide you with advice.  You need Barb’s boyfriend Mike.  Jenelle is seeing red (and not just because Barb is decked out in a beautiful Christmas red sweater with black leaves all around the neck […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jumpaaah Cables and Fix-a-Flat: Birthday Dreams Come True

It’s time for yet another crapisode of “Spread ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Teenage Mother Edition.”  I am still on vacation, but I figured if I could find the time to tune into these rubbish tins, then you probably have the time to read this junk and click on the “Recommend” button so you can […]

Teen Mom 2: The One Where Everyone Gets Orange Sweaters

Welcome back to another episode of “Teen Mom 2:  Vag Today, Mom Tomorrow.”  If you know someone who’s become brain-dead from reading these recaps, visit RespectIsNotLove.gov.  Yeah, I turned it into a government agency…jealous? Here’s what went down last night with these teenage mothers (lite version due to me being on vacation). Jenelle –It took […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Welcome to the World of West Virginian Medicine, Y’all!

Hey y’all welcome back to another crapisode of “A Dinky Went Into My Woo-Woo When I Was 16, MTV Got a Hold of Me, and Now I’m Rich, B*tch!”  At least that’s the Biblical name of this show.  Now I must warn you that this episode is supposed to center around Leah and her baby […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Occupy Barb’s House

Jenelle – No more sleeps until we find out what in the hell has happened to Barb and her little b*tch of a daughter (that’s you) Jenelle. I was good all year and even my Elf on a Shelf (which I pasted Barb’s face on and gave it a blue shirt) told me I was […]

Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments: Barb in a Bathing Suit Officially Completes My Life

Get Social: Join Me! Jenelle – What scenes could we possibly have missed this season with Jenelle?  I imagine it’s scenes like Jenelle and Barb skipping in the meadow or Jenelle doing 30 minutes of Flash Cards with Kieffah.  But, alas, my guesses are wrong.  The “unseen moments” of Jenelle are just pretty odd overall.  […]

Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Guess Whose Mother Thinks Their Daughter Isn’t Lovable?

Be Social:  Join IBBB What a new and innovative way for Teen Mom 2 to kick me in the nuts one last time by having a 2 hour reunion special.  2 hours.  2 hours?  Really?  I don’t even want to be awake at midnight on New Years, let alone for Ye Old Teenage Mother and […]

Teen Mom 2 Season Finale: Arrested! Engaged 19 Times, Prostitution Whore! Oh, Wait.

What a sad night around the offices of IBBB.  I’d like to end this season with a snippet of a song I’d like to dedicate to Barb.  Please sing to the tune of Ebony and Ivory: Barb Evans and IBBB live together in perfect harmony Same old blue shirt and my keyboard, lil b*tch, why […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Bustin’ Balls on Minimum Wage With Your Discover Card

Get Social:  Join Me! Jenelle – Trouble in paradise already?  The Lucy and Ricky of our generation are already starting to get into some serious fights because of all the pressure that they’re under.  No, I’m not talking about the fact that they are basically homeless, stole credit cards, or look like trash box’s on […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: White Trash with Black Trash Bags

Be Social: Join IBBB! Jenelle – Go fist (pump) yourself because Thelma and Louise are on the open road going from Barb’s safe haven of horror to sunny New Jersey.  Oh, and did I mention that Jenelle was being the best “little b*tch of a daughtaah’ she could be and stole Barb’s credit card for […]