50+ Teen Mom 2 Recaps, Episode Guides and Constant Yelling from Barb


Get all caught up on your favorite Teen Mom trash-bags like Jenelle, Leah (y'all!), Chelsea (her orange head) and Kail (minus her chin).

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Teen Mom 2: Meet Jenelle’s Brother and, Uh, I Have Questions

Geesh.  You miss one week of Teen Mom 2 and you miss Jace calling Jenelle and David “pieces of sh*t.”  Luckily it was in the last 5 seconds of the last episode so guess who made it just in time to watch!  Take THAT janky DVR!  Anyway, I have to admit that I had no […]

TM2: Who Called the Cops on Jenelle & Was It Over Those Pill Bottles?!

Jenelle – I always love when Teen Mom 2 turns into an episode of COPS and, well, this time was no different.  I typically prefer my episodes to consist of a chase with the cameraman running after all the action with a shaky camera, but this one will have to do.  The producer, Kristen I believe, […]

Watch Jenelle’s House Literally Sink Into the Ground Because, The Land.

I missed the recap last week and the amount of hate-mail I received was at an all time high.  It’s like me and Mother Theresa are the same person.  I am, of course, talking about Theresa Guidice.  But you knew that. Jenelle – If it’s one storyline that has never been covered yet, it’s clearly the […]

Teen Mom 2: So David is Still Using 80’s Slurs to Attack Nathan

Welp.  I missed one week and apparently Kail has gone through so many men that she now looped all the way around to women.  I say good for her.  Also even though I’m the writer of this mess I need to say, “I’m here for Don.”  As you know, Don is allegedly Kail’s girlfriend.  She […]

So Everyone is Quitting Teen Mom 2 Apparently

While the crapisode was a royal mess (shoutout to the royal wedding so I resonate with “the kids”), I have to admit I’m totally digging how all the teen moms are filming the same scenes together.  Plus, I love a garbage dump of a storyline so that fact that almost each teenage mother was basically […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle is Ready for ‘Mean Girls the Teen Mom Edition’

I feel like I’ve said this before, but I honestly don’t know what this show is about anymore, what the timeline is, and what is actually going on.  Am I the only one?  Either way, this entire crapisode centers around everyone getting ready to film the reunion.  I’m sorry now, are we talking about the […]

Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere Recap: Barb is Pissed Off to the Max!

  Jenelle – Oh, hi Jenelle.  Not a lot is really new with Jenelle these days, in regards to “the land” of course.  Actually they now have grass so, take THAT society!  Meanwhile, apparently Nathan’s mom pulled the “gotcha gotcha” on Jenelle because she’s taking her to court over potential bruises she found on Kaiser (allegedly) […]

Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Jenelle and David Walk Off the Show (And I Have a Surprise!)

  It seems like just 143 episodes ago and the season started.  Now we’re at the reunion already!  Time sure flies when your Mondays are absolute nightmares.  This time around it appears they’re trying to make this reunion more like a Real Housewives reunion by seating all the moms together on the couches at the […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle & David Get Married on the Sinking Sod

Who doesn’t love a Teen Mom 2 season finale when 15 different weddings are taking place?  Ok well maybe just 2.  And, let’s be real, Chelsea’s doesn’t count because she already got married 11 times.  Allegedly. Jenelle – Here’s the thing about this last episode.  Believe it or not nothing really happened.  The weddings did take place, […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Barb’s Friend, Donna, is Giving Me 80’s Life

Is it just me or does this season seem like it’s been going on since 1989?  At this point I’m expecting Leah’s kids to become grandparents, y’all! Jenelle – This wedding planning (also known as ‘This Here Wedding’) is in full force and Jenelle is shuttling back and forth to NYC (again, and wouldn’t visit me […]

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Madness Recap: The Very Best of Barb

It’s a real treat from the Teen Mom gods when they pull together a clip show of old highlights from past reunions.  It’s like when The Golden Girls used to go down memory lane when they didn’t feel like filming new episodes.  Just me? It’s always nice to see all the different heads that Chelsea […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Why is Barb Caught Handing Jenelle a Bottle of Pills?!

Jenelle – Grab you paint cans and shellack those two-by-fours because it’s time to build your own set for taking ‘Save the Date’ pictures.  Anything is possible when you’re on “the land.”  There’s something super creepy about Jenelle’s episode and I can’t quite put my fingerlings on it. One of my favorite producers, Kristen, who’s always […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: So Olive Garden May Have Actually Catered Jenelle’s Wedding

Note:  What happened today in Las Vegas is utterly devastating.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that have been impacted.   We thought it would help people take their mind off this miserable day by hopefully providing a laugh or two (hopefully 5 or more) in this latest TM2 recap.   Jenelle – It’s […]

TM2 Recap: The One Where Briana Gave Birth to Stella and Then Tried To Sell Her

It’s another week and another crap of the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.  If you’re not sharing this with your friends, you’re intentionally hurting me. Jenelle – Looks like Jenelle really did take Jace to Saint Thomas after all.  She probably figured it was best to trap him on an island with David to see […]

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who Won Jace in Carnival Court, Jenelle or Barb?

Jenelle – It’s really the moment we’ve all been waiting for (you know, if you don’t keep up-to-date online every day) to see who won Jace in court!  Was it Barb?  Was it Jenelle?  Was it Brandon and Theresa?  We finally have the answer.  We’re first tipped off that it didn’t go too well for Jenelle […]

TM2 Recap: Briana’s Baby Shower is LIT and Shiz Goes Down!

  Briana – It’s finally the day of that prized baby shower or a yard sale to see who may or may not want to buy the baby at cost. It’s a real toss up.  Either way it was good to see those painted letters spell out “S-T-E-L-L-A” without any of those dreadful drip marks from […]

TM2 Recap: Jenelle and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mother’s Day

Jenelle – Per “the usual” Jenelle isn’t pleased that she’s sitting around her house planning an extravagant Mother’s Day and Jace isn’t going to even be there.  That’s strange.  After last weeks episode where Jace would rather have the devil dance on his face than go to Jenelle’s “Land-of-Horror” for the weekend, I just assumed he’d […]

Teen Mom 2: So How Drunk Was Barb on Cinco de Mayo?!

Jenelle – Another day, another plan to “win Jace back” via carnival games.  I have no idea.  I assume court because that’s all Jenelle talks about.  She’s stoked for her upcoming court date where a judge will get to decide if Jace is better off with a mother who’s dead behind the eyes and already has so […]

17 Things to Buy the Biggest Teen Mom Fan You Know

Because we all could use a little extra Teen Mom stuff around the house.  Whether you’re the biggest Teen Mom fan or know the biggest Teen Mom fan, we’ve compiled some of the best TM2 and Teen Mom OG gifts and products, so far, this season. Oh, and if you like Barb and Jenelle you’re certainly […]

Teen Mom 2: Let’s Be Honest, Roxanne is Really the Star of This Show

Briana – Looks like we’re all still trying to ride that adoption train until the wheels come off.  Briana has to head over to her ultrasound appointment because apparently she’s 72 months pregnant and it’s a requirement.  She’s even invited her baby daddy (am I allowed to say that?) with her and, well, because this is […]