Stephanie Pratt: I’d Rather Film “The Hills” Without a Script Than Wear Fur – Peta Ad

“I’d Rather Get a Heidi Montag Head Transplant….Than Wear Fur.” “I’d Rather Go on a Meth Binge Again and Steal from Aisle 3 in Walgreens….Than Wear Fur.” “I’d Rather Learn How to Answer the Phone at People’s Revolution…Than Wear Fur.” “I’d Rather Be Stupid Enough to Drink at “Da Club” and Then Pull My Car […]


New faced Stephanie Pratt was all tired smiles and knobby wrinkly knees while she posed at “Super Trash” at Sundance in Park City, Utah over the weekend.  Super Trash which is English for “A lot of trash” is a new clothing line that will debut at New York fashion week. Stephanie, the least deserving of […]

Stephanie Pratt at Millions of Methshakes

Our little Hills minx, Stephanie Pratt, has become quite popular at the offices of IBBB.  And why shouldn’t she be?  She’s is an upstanding citizen and brilliant actress.  A triple threat, if you will.  Anyscript, Steph was one of the latest “celebrities” (puke) to make up their very own milkshake at “Millions of Milkshakes” in […]

It's Not Like She's Going to Eat it Anyway

  Stephanie Pratt, the Tina Yothers of our generation, was being the best little scripted elf she could be by serving food on Christmas Eve at the Los Angeles Mission.  I’m not sure the last time someone took the temperature of the homeless, but asparagus wrapped in bacon is enough for me to stop paying […]

I'll Take the Stephanie Pratt Lamp for $199, Pat, and the Rest in a Gift Certificate.

    Everyone’s favorite scriptedly drunken puke machine, Stephanie Pratt showed up to show her support at the Candy Ice Jewelry “Sparkle in Their Eyes” charity event in LA the other night.  I’m sure Methanie was just pleased that it was “Sparkle in their eyes” and not “Police lights in her eyes.”  Hey oh!  Well, with […]

Oh I'm Sorry. Is That Stephanie Pratt With "Red" from "Fraggle Rock?" You Guys See This Too, Right?

  So Stephanie Pratt was taking a picture with Red from Fraggle Rock at Kitson in Los Angeles yesterday.  Well that’s a sentence that not only did I never think I would say, but I’m almost certain it’s also a sentence that has never been said by another living human being.  Red came out of […]

I Always Knew Santa Was a Drunk. I Just Never Knew He Suffered From Anorexiaitis

  Here comes Drunky Claus, Here comes Drunky Claus, Right down Anorexia  Lane. New nose and lips, and all her reindeer, With Meth shooting out of her veins! Sirens ringing, driving and drinking, Stephie’s merry, but not bright, So get your bail money and say your prayers, ‘Cause Drunky Claus comes tonight! Here comes Drunky […]

So Apparently Stephanie Pratt Has Officially Morphed Into That Chick from Danity Kane

    Well, it’s offical.  After buying a new face, which I will assume is taken from The Heidi Montag Facial Blueprint (new nose, new chin, new lips), dropping down to an anorexic-prize-fighter weight, grabbing a free DUI, and adding a little pink to her hair, Stephanie Pratt has officially morphed into that chick from […]

She's So Fine, There's No Telling Where the Money Went

  The lights are on, but you’re not home, you’re mind is not your own.  Might as well face it you’re addicted to love.  Kristin Cavallari, only missing her guitar and additional backup dancers, was all pissed-off looks while she attended the Us Weekly’s 2009 Hot Hollywood fiesta that took place in West Hollywood.  That’s […]

Holly Montag's Drunken Birthday Wish (According to Me)

  Dear Birthday Jesus-Wish-Giver, Hey.  It’s Holly. Woooooooo! I am so drunk Birthday Jesus-Wish-Giver.  So drunk.  What’d you say?  Whatdyousay? Whaaatdyousaaay?  It’s my birthday!!! What’dyousaaay? Stephanie stop tryin’ to interupt mybithdaywish with Birthday Jesus-Wish-Giver.  God Stephanie you’re so like this. I hate you.  Stephanie?  I totally love you, you’re like my burp…you’re like my…burp….my buurrrp….sister. […]

Stephanie Pratt Arrested for DUI. My Money Was on Holly Montag.

Wow.  They will stop at nothing to promote the upcoming crapisode of The Hills!  At least they’re sticking with the theme: Drunken Undeserving Skankasauras’.  According the my friends at TMZ, Stephanie Pratt was arrested in the early morning hours and charged with DUI in happy Hollywood, CA.  I hope Heidi is praying for her.  According […]

There May Be a Problem When Audrina is the Fat One

Stephanie Pratt is apparently on day 100 of her “Tour of Anorexia.”  You know there’s a bit of a problem in the food department when Audrina is now the fat one on the show.   I mean, pull out Audrina’s two front teef and she appears to still weigh a good 25 pounds more than Stephanie.  […]

Someone Check His Cuffs for Pratt's Meth Stash

“Hills Monday” continues with a little Stephanie Pratt/Sandy Sanders walking up the street with some dude who’s dressed the same way that my mom would dress me when I was really little and couldn’t fit into normal sizes pants. She’s literally cuff my pants up to my knees and I could wear said pants until […]