Saint Jennifer Lopez Becomes Asian?

Wow, I think it’s been a good week or two since I poked a little fun at Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx. So, it’s time. I just came across these ads of J. Glow for Louis Vuitton. The could be old, they could be new, they could be fake. Regardless I think it’s important […]

J Lo is a Bitch Because She Has To Be

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her husband, Sir Marc Anthony, decided to spend a romantic evening at De la Hoya and Mayweather fight on Saturday night. Let’s face it, I’ll use any excuse to say “Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx” especially when they are at a fight where the on of the […]

Party with Saint Jennifer for $2 Million

Have you ever wanted to share a beer with Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx? Well it’s your lucky day because now you can! Oh, you just happen to need $2 million (that’s US Dollars, not Yen) and you too can get your very own personalized J. Glow. It’s been reported by drunken sources that […]

American Idol Results Show: An Hour? Really?

When it’s a slow news day I’m forced to report on bad reality shows. It’s times like these that I really hope that the Britney’s and Lindsay’s of the world fall off the wagon and go nuts. In the meantime, here’s what went down on American Idol: The Results Show, or as I now like […]

Jennifer Lopez Teaches American Idol Kids To Sing. No One Feels the Irony. World Still Implodes.

Ok, so once in a while the stars really do align. One time all of the world’s elements combined to create the “perfect storm.” Well, it’s happened again. Saint Jennifer Lopez de la Bronx has appeared on American Idol in order to help “teach the kids” how to sing. Really? Dance. Sure. Sing? No thank […]

J. Glow Won’t Be Slim Goodbody

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx has stated that she won’t ever be a size “zero” to Elle Magazine. To quote J. Glow, “I couldn’t ever be a size zero. I just don’t see how I could get down to that size and still be healthy.” Uh, Saint Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, I don’t think you […]

People Buy J. Lo Cd’s?

I’m always amazed when Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx sells some albums. Apparently I’ve been wrong that J. Glow can’t sing because people overseas are buying up her music like their the last 10 flu shots and it’s flu season. Yeah, no clue what that was supposed to mean. The photos were taken at […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez Going Solo?

Ay de mi! Is Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx going solo? Random drunken insiders to the couple are saying that J. Glow and Marc Anthony are dealing with some bumpy times after they got into a fight on New Years Eve. One random source has said, “There was a fight after she performed at […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

Seriously, news does not get any better than this. My personal favorite, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, will be performing on an episode of American Idol on April 11th. Awesome! (insert sarcastic overtones here____). What would J. Glow sing? Is “Waiting For Tonight” still on the “charts?” Maybe she’ll sing Bailamos? That was her, […]

When J Lo Cries, I Cry

I had reported last week (with my award winning journalism) that the reviews for Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx latest film, “Bordertown” were not the best. Now the pictures have surfaced of Saint Jennifer at the showing of her film at the Berlin Film Festival as she awaited the audience reaction. After the film […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez a Scientologist?

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx may need a name change because the rumor police are telling us that Jennifer Lopez and petite husband, Marc Anthony, are in the process of becoming full-on Scientologists….da-da-duuuun! Allegedly, Marc Anthony is already taking his “purifcation classes” which I can only assume will make him look less oily. Actually, […]

Victoria Beckham Has Ghostboobitis

There are many diseases out there, but nothing is more tragic for a celebrity to suffer from than Ghostboobitis. The symptoms are visible and really are evident when light flashes at them. Poor Victoria Beckham has recently been diagnosed (by me) of having Ghostboobitis. Scary. Poshtoria was in NYC recently having some lunch for friends […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez Only Rides Black

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, clearly, remembers her roots and where she came from. Like she always says (always) “she’s just a girl from the Bronx.” Yeah, I’ve been to the Bronx and never met anyone who made demands like this. Allegedly, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx (please genuflect twice) is heading to […]

The Most Expensive Celebrity Clown Car

Beep Beep! Here comes the talentless mobile! I never knew that a car actually existed that could fit all of my least favorite celebrities. No joke, after the Golden Globes party, one of their cars broke down so the following people all had to squeeze into one car: Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx (rode […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez Starts a Cult

It has been a long long time since I’ve gotten to even write a word about Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx (my personal favorite). However, the Lopez draught of 2007 has quickly come to an end. Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx was attending the “Winter TCA Press Tour” looking like a cross between […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez Wears Christmas

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx is literally wearing what I can only imagine is Christmas wrapping paper. It’s good to see she is ringing in the holiday’s a little early this year. I wouldn’t mind hanging her from the tree…oh wait. Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx always insists she is just a girl […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez in a Shitbox

Make no mistake about it. Saint Jennifer Lopez would NEVER be caught dead driving this type of a car, ever. At least not since the days she was living out of one in the Bronx. Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx is filming her new video for her new album, “Como Ama Una Mujer,” which […]

Saint Jennifer Lopez: The Pilgrim

Saint Jennifer Lopez loves her some Thanksgiving! She’s getting into the spirit of the season a little early this year, but at least she is festive. J.Lo is bringing pilgrim chic back baby! Toss on a white apron and she’ll look like she’s dressed for a high school play. Saint Jennifer was eating out (haha) […]