The Time I Recapped The Bachelor for Redbook Magazine

  I’ve been busy selling-out as much as possible, as you know.  This time around Redbook Magazine asked that I recap The Bachelor so if you’re into that show and want to make sure I get famous, head on over to Redbook to read my recap and comment/like/share/tweet so that I one day can become […]

Operation Sellout 2014! When BAZAAR Asked Me About Fur…and I Threw Andy Cohen Under the Bus

    What a wonderful way to start selling out in 2014!  Harper’s BAZAAR asked me about my thoughts on the fur coat trend and, well, I pretty much spewed out nonsense for many paragraphs.  I may or may not have planned a prank on my arch nemesis, Andy Cohen, as well. As always, PLEASE […]

Operation Sellout Part 4: My Take on the Turtleneck for Harper’s BAZAAR

  Thanks to all of your support I’m still in the process of selling out all the live-long-day.  This time, my friends at BAZAAR asked for my take on the “ever popular” turtleneck.  I didn’t hold back.  Please head over to BAZZAR ( and be sure to LIKE/TWEET/COMMENT/SHARE my article so they keep asking me […]

Operation Sellout Alert! Harper’s BAZAAR Sent Me to Bergdorf’s, You Know, For Sport

  Can you guys believe this sh*t?  I think it’s time for me to change my Myspace status to “In a Relationship” with Harper’s BAZAAR.  This time around they sent me on a field trip of sorts to Bergdorf Goodman in sunny NYC to do a little Christmas shopping.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m […]

Operation Sellout Part 2: Next Up, Writing for REDBOOK!

  Hey so you guys know how I’m internationally known as a fashion expert now, right?  Yeah me either.  What I do know, however, is that everyone did so great helping me sellout big-time with my Harper’s BAZAAR article that the generous people of REDBOOK wanted to grab my take on another fashion trend:  The […]

Operation Sellout: The Time I Wrote for Harper’s BAZAAR

Well folks, it’s finally happened.  Since Joel McHale will never quite The Soup it seems like the next natural opportunity would be Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.  I mean, because if it’s one thing you think about when you think of IBBB, it’s “high fashion.”  Anywhat, the fine people of BAZAAR chatted me up and thought it […]

Operation Sellout! Bravo Raise the Bar Bartender Contest. Ole!

Hello my good people.  It’s been minutes since I’ve last asked you to help me sellout.  I’m kidding.  It’s been seconds.  As you know (LuAnn voice) I started up this here blog almost 6 years ago and it’s been my goal ever since to sellout and sellout big time.  Yes, I’m as pathetic as ever […]

Help Me Continue to Sell Out!

For some crazy reason someone has decided to pay it forward and I am the recipient that and now have my own personal Facebook Group!  No joke, I have nothing to do with this group, but am now a member of the “We Want Patrick Varone to Host The Soup!!!”  I’m actually extremely grateful that […]

Operation Sellout Continues

Last week you may recall that IBBB was featured on the MTV blog and was asked questions about past Hills crapisodes. Well, I made the cut for week 2. This time around I was asked the simple question, “Do Stephen and Lauren Still Have a Shot.” I am amazed that the other people who contributed […]

Operation Sellout: IBBB is Part of The Hills Q&A Over at MTV

Ah kids. As I promised in last weeks post of finding new ways to sellout in year 3 of IBBB I have not disappointed. Well, maybe a little. Yours truly (that would be me) has left my footprint on The Hills. IBBB was contacted by the MTV blog to answer some questions in my typical […]

More Commercial Sellout!

Even I’m sick of this commercial at this point, but must post it one last time as today is the last day it will be airing before retiring to the vault for good. Check out yours truly in a beautifully acted commercial for VH1/Dentyne Ice. I expect to, not only, win awards for this, but […]

That Dentyne Ice, Rock of Love Commercial

I’m not sure if you can technically win an Emmy Award for commercials, although I think you can, but I’m pretty sure I’m winning for this commercial. As promised, IBBB would find multiple ways of selling out in 2007 and then carry it over to 2008. Well, 1-month in 08 I feel that I’ve already […]

Old Navy Event & IBBB. Never a Good Mix

Gather around kids because it’s time for “Story Time with IBBB.” Pull out the nap mats and pour that 3rd cup of coffee that you typically sneak a little alcohol in. I know you do. I won’t tell. Anyway, I was lucky enough to be invited to this Old Navy event in NYC on Wednesday […]

IBBB Running the Boston Marathon?

Yeah, no. IBBB won’t be running the Boston Marathon as I believe that exercise is the “devil’s dance.” But move over robotic Katie Holmes, Kate Scott (brilliantly pictured above) will be running the Boston Marathon and doing it for charity! But wait, it gets better. Kate will be running the marathon and helping IBBB sell […]

Operation Sellout Update: London. Check!

Suck it Canada! London loves me! Is that England? Regardless I just got these pictures sent to me via “the email” from Hannah and Ally. They say that they love IBBB and I will forgive them for forgetting the “Im” in ImBringingBloggingBack. Operation sellout is going really well and I’m grateful for Hannah and Ally […]