The Best of Jersey Shore

Relive all the episode recaps of the Jersey Shore. It was much simpler times.
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Jersey Shore Recap: Putting the Hippopotamus to Bed

Join Me on Facebook! It’s just another night in South Beach and JWoww ShamWow and Snooki are heading out to celebrate gay pride weekend, but not before ShamWow stands in the mirror pushing her boobs together in hopes that they’ll join forces and, quite possibly, take over the world.  Literally, she keeps pushing them together […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki Figures Out Why There are So Many Lesbians in the United States

Fist Pump With Me on Facebook! Better last than never.  Hey it was my birthday.  Cut me some slack.  And some ham.  Burp.  Here’s what went down last night on Jersey Shore: We pick things up right where left off with Ronnie being “drunk.”  He’s “drunk” just like the folks on Intervention who cut up […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The Tooth Fairy is Dead So Let’s Celebrate With Chicken Cutlets in the Hot Tub!

Join Me on Facebook! Jersey Shore recap time!  It’s like Christmas comes once a week when JS is on.  I’m liking the season so far, but am a little disappointed that more people aren’t beating the bag out of each other on the regular.  Hopefully we’ll get to that soon.  Meanwhile, here’s what went down […]

Jersey Shore Recap: I.F.F, J420, and T-Shirt Time. We Have A Lot to Learn.

Join Me on Facebook.  Fist Pump! Thursday night television hasn’t been this good since NBC’s “Must See TV.”  Real Housewives and Jersey Shore are like the “Friends” and “Seinfeld” of our generation.  Although unless they change the name to “Bethenny Getting Jersey Shore’d” I’m staying true to my alliance with Jersey Shore.  Here’s what went […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Grenades and Landmines and 1920’s Pilgrims, Oh My!

Join Me on Facebook and Let’s Go to “Da Club!” Did you know that the national unemployment rate is at 9.6%?  Who gives two filthy sh*ts because like the cutest little outbreak of “the herpes” Jersey Shore is back!  After almost one full year I can finally exhale.  There’s a Whitney Houston joke in there […]

Jersey Shore Season 2 Preview: The Adventures of Syphilis

Join Me on Facebook! July 29th can’t come soon enough.  This is the day that we get to follow Snooki, Grandpa Situation, Pauly D/Ellen Travolta, Sammi SweatStains, Ronnie No Nickname, Vinny, JWoww ShamWow, and Angelina Trash Bags on their spiritual journey to Miami.  In the preview clip, as predicted, we get to hear the Douche […]

Jersey Shore Recap Season Finale: Goodbye to Gorilla Central

Today is a highly emotional day around the corporate headquarters of IBBB, as we bid farewell to Jersey Shore.  It’s times like this I scream up to the heavens, “Why God?  Why do you put good things in our life just to take them away from us!?”  It’s too soon.   It’s. Just. Too. Soon.  […]

Jersey Shore Recap: JWOWW Punches the Tan Off Grandpa Situation While Pauly D’s Israeli Stalker Needs to Stay Back 100 Feet

There is no reason, ever, why Jersey Shore should be on for 2-hours.  Award shows don’t take up as much time as Jersey Shore did last night.  I was trying to hit record on my Tivo with one hand, whilst trying to fight off Mr. Sandman with the other hand.  I don’t know why that […]

Jersey Shore Recap | GTL: Gym, Tanning, Laundry

So I decided that drinking while watching Jersey Shore is just stupid.  I’m going to start taking Ecstasy and see how it goes.  I think I’ll peak during “da club” scenes and, well, if they happen to be dancing during those scenes I may just start dry-humping my couch.  Here’s what went down on the […]

Jersey Shore Recap: The Episode Where Snooki’s Face Turns Into Mary Jo Buttafuoco

Oh MTV you are so tricky by airing a new crapisode of Jersey Shore on New Years Eve.  Did you think I wouldn’t stop what I was doing to put on Jersey Shore and then increase my alcohol intake by upwards of 93.5%?  Well, lucky for you I’m a drunk who has determination and even […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki's Crotchless Backflips, a New Form of Interpretive Dance at the Jersey Shore

    This week we finally get our answer to last weeks cliffhanger.  Similar to the “Who Shot J.R.” from the 1980’s, we get to learn if Sammi Sweetheart kills Ronnie and JWoww ShamWow for leaving “da club” and possibly having “da sex” with each other.  Spoiler Alert:  A murder does not take place.  Although […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki Licks Pickles While Angelina Breaks Up With Her Married Boyfriend, All Before the BBQ Grill Catches Fire. Yup, Just Another Day at the Jersey Shore.

  Fistpump is the new cowbell and there is plenty-o-fistpump worthy scenes in the latest crapisode of Jersey Shore.  From sucking pickles to same sex douche-bag-stew make out sessions in the frialator/hot-tub, wax off your eyebrows and buckle up because it’s time for another Jersey Shore recap! We pick up the morning after Pauly D […]

Who Punched Snooki in the Face on Jersey Shore, You Ask?

  IBBB’s Jersey Shore recaps are apparently the new Hills and The City recaps, which is fine by me!  Also, people seem to think that somehow I know these people or work on the show.  I don’t.  I just watch, in horror, from the comfort of my apartment with a moderate beer buzz and hands partially […]

Jersey Shore Recap: Uh…So I Hear Someone Has a Full Time Job For Me?

Well, well, well.  So we meet again, bitches.  IBBB’s “The City” and “The Hills” recaps aren’t even cold in their grave yet, but I could not pass up the opportunity to check out Jersey Shore and throw a little recap against the wall and see if it sticks.  All I have to say is that […]

MTV's Jersey Shore: Santa Christ Does Exist and He Loves Me.

    Read the Latest Jersey Shore Episode Recaps Here! Now I don’t want to oversell this, but MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is possibly the best thing to ever happen to our country and that includes the ending of slavery, the right for women to vote, and just plain old overall freedom.  If there was ever […]